10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

We often warn against certain foods, but there are also foods that it would be good to eat every day!

Indeed, the bad days when you feel weak, heavy, indisposed,… are often to blame for a bad diet!

In small daily amounts, these foods provide all the fiber and protein needed for a vibrant day and long-term iron health.

Here are 10 foods you should eat every day, and some suggestions for incorporating them into your menus!

1.      Walnuts

Nuts are the ultimate superfood.

They are full of good fat, anti-inflammatories and protein. Before a sporting effort, nuts are much more effective than a meat dish!

In addition, they are very easy to incorporate into everyday life: a handful of nuts in the morning or as a small snack at the office will give you a good dose of energy and satisfy hunger, thus avoiding the temptation of a snack that is much less good for the health!

2.      Spinach

Spinach is pack with iron and omega 3 which strengthens the heart and thus reduces the risk of heart problems.

Spinach is also recognizes as an excellent muscle builder.

You can cook spinach fresh (in a salad or replacing lettuce in a sandwich) or cooked in a pan, lasagna,…

Spinach can also be substituted for Kale cabbage!

3.      Green tea

It is no coincidence that green tea is always recommended as part of the diet!

Packed with catechins, a super antioxidant, green tea also helps digestion and cleanses the stomach easily.

You can start with a cup of green tea after your evening meal, but don’t hesitate to make this drink your first choice, it can be a great substitute for coffee!

4.      Oats

In the grain clan, oats should always be the first choice. This cereal is load with fiber and protein.

It also contains a good dose eat of sugar, but the absorption of sugar in the body is slow down by the fibers, thus allowing a good distribution of energy during the day.

Oats are therefore perfect for breakfast, hot in porridge, accompanied by pieces of fruit and nuts.

You can also find oatmeal cereal bars in supermarkets to find this food for snack!

5.      Blueberry

Blueberries are the best berries for your health. Although small, they have a record number of antioxidants!

They are also full of vitamins A and vitamins C. Blueberries not only provide energy for the day, but they also strengthen the immune system in the long run!

Add a handful of blueberries to the morning porridge, or save a stash of frozen blueberries for a snack or evening meal!

6.      Tomato

The tomato is unique because it is one of the foods most loaded with lycopene. An element is known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Fortunately, tomatoes are very easy to cook and incorporate into menus!

Fresh in salads or in sandwiches, cooked in ratatouille,… You can even use tomato eat sauces or canned peeled tomatoes from supermarkets: lycopene is always present!

7.      Almond

Just behind nuts, almonds are another superfood to always have on hand.

Packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Almonds have been proven to provide a whole host of health benefits, including improving memory!

Like nuts, you can add a handful of almonds to breakfast, or keep them in your bag for snacking!

8.      Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” says this well-known quote, and not without reason! The apple is load with pectin and antioxidants.

Be careful, however, antioxidants are mainly present in the skin of the apple, do not peel it!

Get in the habit of adding an apple in your purse, it’s an ideal remedy against small appetites and also allows you to hydrate during the day!

9.      Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains lots of good things for the body, but above all it helps to boost morale!

Rather than falling in the middle of the day for milk chocolate or industrial chocolate cakes, savor one or two squares of dark chocolate per day at snack time!

10. Something orange

Carotene is an orange pigment essential for photosynthesis!

It is present in most orange color foods, and should be eat as regularly as possible.

Of course, the best-known and easiest carotene-rich food to cook is carrots, but you can also find carotene in sweet potatoes, pumpkins, butternut squash, and yellow peppers!