5 common procedures of cosmetic dentistry

When people meet you, the first thing that comes to their notice is your smile. That is why problems pertaining to oral health can ruin your smile and break your confidence. But there are several ways you can work on improving your smile. This is where Cosmetic Dental procedures come in.

In the early days, these cosmetic dental procedures were painful. However, cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles ensures that you have a comfortable experience without experiencing much pain. To further reassure you, we have come with a list of 5 common cosmetic dental procedures and the benefits they have.

5 common cosmetic dental procedures by Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

·         Teeth Bleaching

We often associate bright teeth with health, confidence, and warmth. Best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles offers teeth bleaching as a cosmetic dental procedure. It can be done in the office of the dentist, and later you will notice gradual, visible results.

You can do this procedure at home with your dentist, as in both cases, the dentist will use bleaching agents like peroxide. At home, its strength varies from three to twenty percent, and in the dentist’s office, it ranges from fifteen to forty-three percent. When you increase the strength and time, your teeth become whiter.

But a high percentage of peroxide needs to be applied for a shorter time to your teeth. A high percentage of peroxide can increase the risk of sensitivity and dehydration of your teeth. If you already have sensitive teeth, the best dentist in Los Angeles will suggest a treatment plan at home instead of at the office.

·         Invisalign braces

Times are changing, so are the old metal braces that make one feel uncomfortable. Invisalign has aligners of the clear tray that gradually move your teeth into their desired position. These clear trays are made up of solid plastic that has enough strength to put pressure on certain parts of the teeth.

Famous dentists perform these cosmetic dental procedures in three painless and easy steps. During your first appointment, your dentist will be taking a precise and fast 3D digital scan to make your treatment plan. The dentist will provide you with your first aligner set at your next appointment. They will further ensure that it is a perfect fit.

You will have to perform regular checkups every six to eight weeks to see the progress and get a new aligner set. Depending on your case, your doctor will give you a treatment plan that may last up to around six months. After the completion of your treatment, you will get a vivera customer retainer. They are thirty percent stronger and custom-made than your standard retainers to provide you with a lasting smile.

·         Composite fillings

When a patient has some cavity in their teeth, they have the option of choosing composite fillings over the metal amalgam fillings. The latter has been used for decades. Composite fillings come with the same color as your tooth. Hence, they provide you with an attractive smile without appearing too noticeable.

After you make your decision to choose composite fillings, you must get a consultation with an experienced dentist. They can guide you through this entire process.

·         Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers is a gold standard within cosmetic dental procedures for almost decades. These shells are made up of thin porcelain that fits over the outer surface of your teeth. The dentist will file down the tooth enamel to take an impression.

For custom veneers, your tooth impression is sent to a lab. During this time, your dentist will offer you temporary veneers. Later, after the permanent ones arrive, the dentist will replace the former ones. Veneers are for people who have dark stains on their teeth that do not go away while bleaching, as well as for those with the fractured or chipped front tooth.

·         Enamel Bonding

Enamel Bonding is a kind of cosmetic dental procedure where a resin of the color of your tooth is applied for restoring the smile of a person. This procedure helps to repair the root of the tooth in case of receding gums. In addition, it helps in fixing chipped teeth, decayed teeth, discolored teeth, change the shape of your teeth, and treat close spaces in-between your teeth.

The procedure lasts for half an hour to an hour. It does not need any numbing agents. Moreover, this cosmetic dental procedure is a lot less expensive.

Apart from veneers and crowns, your dentist can perform this procedure within a single visit. However, this may vary if there are multiple teeth that have the same problem. You can consult the dentist to know whether enamel bonding can be suitable for you.

Benefits of cosmetic dental procedures

 ·         Cost-effective

In comparison to other kinds of oral treatment, cosmetic dental procedures are quite cost-effective. They will not affect your budget while improving your smile.

·         Improves oral health

The cosmetic dental procedure helps in treating dental problems such as tooth decay. Besides, it changes your overall look and the way people see you.

·         Helps in building confidence

Social interactions play an important role in most of our cases. However, due to an improper smile, your social interactions can get affected. Cosmetic dental procedures are mostly painless, and they can improve your smile and build your confidence. This will improve your social life.

·         Painless procedure

Most dental procedures require long-term treatment, and they are normally quite painful. However, cosmetic dental procedures can help give you an effective, short-term, and painless treatment. You can get in touch with your doctor to know whether this treatment will be viable for you.

Conclusion Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles will help you get back your perfect smile at minimal cost. You will also not have to continue the treatment for years as these treatments only last for a few days and months. This will ensure that it is a cost-effective procedure. In addition, these cosmetic dental procedures are mostly painless that gives it more advantage than other standard treatments.