5 tips for developing a good online marketing strategy

Do you sell products on the main marketplaces but also on your own brand site? This article will explain to you why it is important to put a point of honor on the marketing strategy in order to ensure the evolution of your business.

1.   Strengthen your SEO using a strategic approach

Vibility on search engines is an essential point of a good marketing strategy. In order to optimize your visibility, you must use SEO techniques. According to an analysis, direct traffic (direct access to the site) represents 42% of e-commerce traffic while search traffic (access to the site from search engine) represents 40%. These are therefore the main channels for generating traffic.

Define the sources of traffic that users prefer to access your site. To do this, tools such as SEMrush Traffic Analysis can provide you with a lot of information to help you in your analysis and in the implementation of your marketing strategy.

2.   Switch to the secure HTTPS version for your site

Switching to a more secure HTTPS version of your site is a no-brainer. Indeed, search engines highlight HTTPS sites in search results. In addition, an HTTPS site gives you a better image vis-à-vis Internet users. Thus, your users will be more convinced of your reliability and will not hesitate to make purchases on your site.

However, switching to HTTPS is not easy. It requires effort and total involvement. To make sure the migration went well, consider doing a site audit. It will allow you to detect possible problems.

3.   Optimize for mobile and maintain a strong desktop presence

The use of mobile interfaces has become essential in recent years. According to statistics collected during 2017, mobile traffic is more important than desktop traffic.

Currently, Google plans to prioritize sites in mobile version to classify websites as part of its “Mobile First” project.

In addition, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages (pages with fast reloading) are very popular with users. Indeed, users, especially mobile users, are becoming more and more impatient. Their demands in terms of loading speed are increasingly important.

4.   Reconsider your PPC advertising campaigns

You must have a solid advertising campaign in place to attract customers. Using a few specific tools, you have the ability to improve your AdWords ads. With reports from SEMrush Analysis, the paid search domain, you can learn about competitor practices (their keywords, priority ads, monthly spend, etc.).

Also consider using Google shopping results. The products on display are much more popular with Internet users. In addition, they can make their purchases in just a few minutes.

5.   Use powerful emotional triggers in your ads

The use of “emotional triggers” plays an important role in the success of your advertising campaigns. By choosing the right triggers, you can easily capture the intent of your target customers.

The expressions most used by e-commerce geniuses for their advertisements are:

  • Free delivery
  • Cheap
  • Best price
  • Enjoy
  • Official site
  • Free delivery
  • Large choice
  • Quick delivery
  • Low prices
  • New collection

Consumers are also more attentive to offers with guarantees. Likewise, the phrase “buy now” encourages them to buy now. Also consider using discounts. In France, reductions of 50% and 70% are very often used

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