5 top Successful Node Js web products loved by users

5 top Successful Node Js web products loved by users

There are scads of companies, web services, and web applications that are capitalizing from Node Js development. Eventually, rising the Node Js Hosting need graph. It might be not easy to cover all the companies and apps using Node Js here. So let’s speak about only five of the top Successful Node Js web products that the users in recent years greatly love. 

What is Node js?

Node Js is a server-side runtime environment that effectively serves for developing dynamic, fast, and scalable web applications. Luckily, it is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment, so developers can easily leverage it, and the end products can use Node Js Web Hosting seamlessly. Other reasons for its popularity include being lightweight, swift, and easy code execution in the local environment.

Now let’s look at the Successful Node Js web products in detail. 


You might have heard about LinkedIn. It is the largest social network to streamline professional networking and career development scenarios. So its user base is mostly the professionals and career seekers in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. More precisely, it has around 800 million members.

Previously it was using Ruby on Rails, but now the LinkedIn mobile app uses the Node Js at its server-side. Therefore, it has drawn attention with its robust performance, less server resource utilization, lightning speed (20x than before). Furthermore, the great part is it consumes low memory.


One of the worldwide successful and user-popular electronic payment systems is PayPal. According to PayPal statistics, as of 2021, it has 392 million active users. Users prefer this system specifically because of its ease and secure online transactions. Also, this Node JS platform can handle more than 100 currencies, making it suitable for all currencies usage.

What’s worthy of mentioning here is that PayPal switches over from JavaScript specifically for slow speed and payment processing concerns. However, Node JS particularly speeds up the web application loading by optimizing the working course of action between the browser and server. Eventually, PayPal is users’ first choice for online payments.


The third one of the successful Node Js web products is Netflix that has over 214 million users/ subscribers worldwide. Netflix has emerged as the worldwide largest video streaming provider. It renders videos including movies and series, so content delivery and fast loading should be the hallmarks of Netflix.

Fortunately, it fulfils them the most as its user interface and has been built with Node Js alongside the entire data access layer. In short, it has got a modular and lightweight application with blazing-fast speed.


A notable web directory and service provider is yahoo, working as a search engine, email, news, and finance information. Yahoo mail alone has more than 225 million users. Yahoo developers turned to node js in early 2010, and it has been yielding its Front-end development using Node Js. Also, it has been using it to develop content sites, single-page applications, and much more.

In return, this transition has taken yahoo performance to the next level, let alone the perfect scalability and speed. For instance, it is said that it can easily manage more than 25,000 requests per second. Therefore, what’s interesting is that Yahoo Food, Yahoo Life, and Yahoo Answers are also employing Node Js.


Next comes the Uber that has Node Js at its core. This app is a taxi service and one of the trendsetters contributing to the transportation industry, especially the taxi market at the next level. Also, users prefer it because of its budget-friendly and distance-centric prices, safety, swiftness and reliability. However, according to statistics, its user base fluctuates depending on the location and customers’ usability. Still and all, it has 111 million active users once at its peak.

Likewise, above, node js actively improved the app’s performance, working speed, and error-checking convenience. As a result, Uber has long captured the users’ hearts.

The listed successful Node Js web products are famous not only in the current years, but their popularity isn’t seeming to go down any soon. You can also leverage the Node Js Web Hosting to get started with your own Node Js app. You can confidently start with a compact app and hosting plan and scale it in the future with commercial or extensive plans.  

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