6 Reasons Why You Should Plant Trees On Your Properties

Everybody knows that a tree plantation can make your business more attractive, but very few are aware that trees also have various economic, environmental & health benefits! Below we are sharing the top 6 reasons to carry tree plantation project on your property:

1) Increases property value:

Trees do not only add beauty to your property but also increase its value. A recent study shows that the property values of businesses & homes surrounded by trees increase as much as 20 %.

2) They Purify the air:

Trees are capable of absorbing 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (A heat-trapping greenhouse gas) per year. They are also known to absorb pollutant gases such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide & ozone. According to a study, people living in areas without trees suffered more respiratory & heart problems.

3) Trees increase business traffic:

People prefer to visit businesses with more trees & attractive landscapes. They are also likely to spend more time & about 13 percent more money!

4) Trees can decrease overall property costs:

You can save money on your air conditioning needs, soil replacement & irrigation by planting more trees around your property. They are known to cut air conditioning needs up to 50 % when placed strategically around buildings during the months of summer. You can also save watering costs due to the shade provided by trees as they slow down the process of water evaporation on your lawn.

5) Trees provide oxygen:

One tree is capable of producing around 260 pounds of oxygen per year. Oxygen produced by two trees is sufficient for a family with four members. In addition, you will be providing oxygen to employees & citizens visiting your business by planting trees on your property.

6) Better mental health:

Trees can have a positive effect on our physical as well as on our mental health. For example, according to a large-scale study, people staying in the areas with at least 30 % tree canopy had a 31% lower risk of psychological distress than those with more miniature trees. Another study revealed that employees who could see trees or greenery from their windows experienced a lower level of stress level & a high level of job satisfaction.