7 Best Beaches in Singapore For Holidays in 2021 With PIA

If you are planning to Book PIA Online cheap flights to Singapore and love to enjoy beaches, you have come to the right place. Find the best beaches in Singapore here.

If you enjoy visiting beaches, then you will fall in love with the beaches of Singapore. Particularly from November to February, because the weather is ideal for beach activities such as adventure sports and swimming. So you must book PIA flights to Singapore this year to have an unforgettable experience.

All the beaches in Singapore are great for enjoyable activities. If you’re seeking some lonely relaxing, and chilled-down camping fun, you should visit the beaches located on the eastern coast of Singapore. This article will discuss the best visit that you should not skip if you are planning to book cheap flights to Singapore.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach, often known as Sentosa Beach, is located in the heart of Sentosa. It is one of the best beaches you must visit whenever you book PIA flights to this place.. Swaying palm palms, dazzling white sand stretches of the azure green sea, and bustling beach bars characterize Palawan beach. Port of Lost Wonder is a fun zone centered on the pirate world popular with both youngsters and adults.

Several treasure chests, a few wooden beam towers, and a rope bridge complete the scene. This is Singapore’s greatest beach for swimming or simply relaxing. Whether you are booking cheap flights with your family or alone, you’ll love everything this beach offers.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is no less than an artificial wonder. It is regarded as one of the best beaches in Singapore. It is situated on Sentosa’s south coast and has a lovely crescent-shaped beachline, and offers gleaming white sand, tropical palm trees, and shallow warm water.

It is an ideal place to spend time with your friends, and if you are booking cheap airline flights with your group, this place will suit you the best. It’s a short walk from Palawan Beach and offers vibes that encourage you to let go and relax. This is one of Singapore’s most well-known beaches.

Siloso Beach

If you are a socially active person and book PIA flight deals to Singapore, Siloso Beach is the right place to visit. That is because this beach is always buzzing with tourists and enjoyable activities. There is never a boring moment at Siloso Beach Singapore, and you will love every moment you spend here.

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Around the beach, you’ll see people horseback riding, playing volleyball, kayaking, dancing, and partying. Siloso is one of Singapore’s best beaches, thanks to its fantastic cafes and beach shacks. We recommend you not to miss this beach whenever you book cheap airline online tickets to Singapore.

Punggol Beach

If you are newly married and booking cheap airline tickets to Singapore, then consider visiting Punggol Beach. It is the most undiscovered of Sentosa Island attractions, is tucked in the equally uncharted Punggol Point, and is one of Singapore’s greatest beaches. However, due to its attractiveness, it is usually featured in the list of Singapore beaches. Despite being well-connected to the major city by bus and shuttle, the beach is not well-known.

The natural beauty and tranquility of the location make it a refuge for peace seekers and couples. The fine sand expanse is disturbed by massive granite boulders, creating a beautiful spectacle at dawn and night. There are also several islands around Punggol, which adds to the enjoyment!

Changi Beach

Changi Beach, located on Singapore’s east coast, is one of the finest tropical beaches in the city-state. People gather here to either relax on the beach or jog on the mysterious paths of Changi Beach Park, which is more popular with families, fitness fanatics, and leisure enthusiasts. It is also one of the best places where you can enjoy swimming.

However, the attraction of this beach is plane watching. If you are booking Pakistan International Airlines cheap flights to Singapore with your family, you can spend some quality time here. People travel from all across the nation to see low-flying jets prepare to land at Changi Airport.

Lazarus Island

It is yet another place for people who love a peaceful environment and book cheap online tickets to Singapore. All the beaches we have discovered so far are amazing, but Lazarus Island offers a unique atmosphere and is among the best in the city-state. Lazarus Island is one of those places in Singapore which remains a little secret. After the city hubbub, the rural environment and tropical vibe of the area are pleasant.

The whole vibe of Lazarus beach, turquoise sea, white sand, and a happy atmosphere compete with the greatest Asian honeymoon locations. The tropical forest that lines the beach is a pleasant getaway.