7 Irresistible Benefits Of Using Ortholite Comfort Foam Insoles

Footwear is an important part of every fashionable outfit. Shoes come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes so that you can wear them to a formal conference or an informal gathering. Aside from the fashionable appearance, comfort is also crucial. The soles are responsible for this level of comfort. The shoes have two types of soles: insoles and outsoles. Insoles give comfort and fit for feet of various sizes, while outsoles provide durability.

Insoles provide a stronger grip for walking, running, and standing while maintaining body posture. Many insoles are developed to sell footwear in terms of comfort. The ortholite comfort foam insoles are one such insole that takes the top spot.

The technology used in ortholite insoles

By combining open-cell PU technology with environmentally friendly biomaterials like rubber and aerogel, the ortholite insole technology promises to create moisture and temperature-resistant footwear that is lightweight, durable, and pleasant.

It offers a unique footwear option. It has trending features such as a die-cut model, a single-density model for cost-effectiveness, and a multilayered and multi-density model for increased arch support.

Advantages of using ortholite comfort foam insole

The following are the benefits of using Ortholite Comfort Foam Insoles-

  1. Prolonged comfort cushioning and improved durability

The presence of foam gives the product a cushioned feel and allows it to compress by 5% over its lifetime. This increases its durability and flexibility while also improving fit and performance.

  1. Environmental friendly

Ortholite comfort foam insoles are produced from eco-friendly and bio-based components such as recycled rubber, making them safe to use. Furthermore, this aids in the prevention of infections in the feet.

  1. Washable

Ortholite foams can be washed in the washing machine. So don’t be concerned if you move into some dirt. After cleaning, the performance and appearance of these insoles improve. This also enhances the footwear’s durability.

  1. Airy and breathable

The ortholite soles are 95 percent to 100% breathable and airy, thanks to open-cell PU technology. The insoles allow for easy air circulation, which functions as a cooling agent.

  1. Lightweight

It is lightweight and comfortable for day-to-day activities without putting any pressure on the foot due to foam. This makes the footwear both light and comfy.

  1. Moisture and thermal resistant

The foam’s open cell structure acts as a moisture management system inside the sole, which keeps moisture out while also preventing bacterial and fungal infections.

  1. Thermal resistance

The Ortholite sole functions as a thermal barrier, maintaining the temperature of the footwear to previously unheard-of levels. It also has a feature of shock absorption, which gives the insoles an added advantage.


As a result, insoles are necessary for increased protection and comfort. It gives a touch of class to your footwear. It serves as the backbone of the shoe, giving it form, and without it, wearing shoes would be uncomfortable. As a result, ortholite comfort foam insoles keep their claims of providing an optimal insole for footwear.