Amazing Ways in which Chatbots are Helping Humans

You may not be aware of the fact that we have had chatbots around since the mid-60s. Although, it has been most recent that they are gaining popularity in the tech world. They are now widely popular among the business circles and use by companies and individuals alike to get rid of the extra workload and get answers to various queries.

Normally, people just know about simple chatbots. While I was doing some research on chatbots using my Spectrum TV packages, I came to know that there are simple as well as complicated chatbots. The complex ones can even answer complicated queries. So, what are the other useful things they can do for us? Let’s have a look and find out! 

What is a Chatbot

It is a software that can have a conversation with humans using a live chat interface. A brand can use its app or website for this. There are some other platforms too, like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Siri, WhatsApp, etc. 

Types of Useful Chatbots

Other than the simple conversational ones, there are some highly functional chatbots too. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

Helping Dementia Patients: Endurance

A Russian technology company, Endurance, has developed a companion chatbot to help dementia patients. Unfortunately, it becomes very difficult for dementia patients to have meaningful, or sometimes, even legible conversations. The shame and frustration they have to face is very distressful. 

People with Alzheimer’s disease have to face short-term memory loss. In such cases, the companion chatbots can identify deviations in conversation patterns and can recollect the most recent and immediate ones to keep the relevance alive. 

Also, as the conversation is backed up on Cloud and similar online platforms, it is quite easy for the family members, and even the physicians of the patient to review the chat logs to see the potential memory deterioration dangers. The project is still in very early stages though, (a Russian version of the chatbot is available) and it can take years before it is accessible to every patient, but it is a break-through nonetheless. 

Helping Insomniacs: Casper

Insomnia is the worst of enemies. The fact that you cannot have your share of the night’s rest, but still have to do your share of the day’s work is infuriating. Even people sleeping peacefully at your place infuriate you. This is where the amazing chatbot Insomnobot 3000 enters the scenario. It creates by the tech company Casper. This chatbot makes you sleep by being a conversational companion to you while others sleep. 

At this stage, the responses by the Insomnobot 3000 are a little robotic. It can do much better by making it indulge in conversations that are closest to the human conversational patterns.  

Helping Minorities Being Heard: U-Report

Casper and Endurance have manufactured chatbots that can help people with diseases, but we have one here that has universal usage connotations. UNICEF is using chatbots to give a voice to the people who are a part of developing nations. These people use chatbots to talk about their most urgent needs. These chatbots are called U-Reports. They can gather data via creating polls, and send them out regularly. The topics for the polls are social issues mostly. The responses and feedback are then used to form a base for policies being made. 

Innovation in Medical Diagnoses: MedWhat

We have all spent some time on Google, trying to find a disease name for the symptoms/feelings we have, and let’s be honest, most of those involve misdiagnosing ourselves. If you are into a habit of doing that regularly, you might want to try out MedWhat. 

This chatbot offers faster and easier medical diagnoses, which is convenient for both physicians and patients. It is an intelligent software equippe with the latest machine learning system that comes up with accurate responses to the questions. Most of its learning is based upon behavioral learning, as it interacts with human beings. 

This chatbot also takes help from a wide range of medical research papers and journals, so the answers are based upon not just behavioral learning, but also expert opinion from the field of medicine.  

Generating and Assigning Automated Leads: Roof Ai

Marketers have a clear idea of how crucial is the lead assignment. You cannot create equal leads ever, and getting the right leads at the right time, that too in front of the right reps, it is not at all as easy as it sounds. 

The chatbot, Roof Ai, can help marketers in automating interaction with potential lead assignments through the use of social media. It can identify potential leads through Facebook and then can reply instantly in a friendly and human-like tone. It can also provide a little more information regarding the lead, before referring it to a sales agent. 

Chatbots are assisting people and businesses all over the world. We may see a future where they will be showing their full potential, in the way the world of the internet is enjoying advancements like Spectrum Internet Assist. Hopefully, that future is near.

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