Amazon seller account blocked, what to do?

Your Amazon seller account is suspended, locked, or blocked, follow our advice to lift the suspension of your seller account.

Lifting the suspension of your seller account is done by writing a complete and detailed action plan. You have to be precise, get straight to the point, and be convincing!

“The sales performance team no longer responds to my action plans, what should I do ?.”
Indeed, your action plans are limited. Generally, after 3 refused action plans, the sales performance service will no longer answer you. Don’t waste your chances! Even if the seller performance service is no longer responding to you, we can still help you.

How to write my action plan

Writing an action plan can be complex. The language and terms used by Amazon can sometimes be difficult to understand.

So that your action plan is effective. This must be structured, precise and convincing.

You will need to demonstrate to the sales performance team that you have understood the lesson.

No need to start whining: “My company depends on it, please unblock my account”, “Please don’t leave me in this situation”. This is all for nothing, you will not be able to soften the Amazon sales team. That’s not what they want to hear.

If your action plans have failed or if the sales team is no longer responding to you, it is not too late. Contact us here to appeal seller suspension, we can still help you regain your sales privileges.