An Amazon Seller’s Guide to Start Outsourcing with Virtual Assistants

Amazon is the most popular online shopping platform in the world. Every year, the sales of Amazon jump higher. This has impressed many entrepreneurs and thus many business owners have started their business online and become Amazon sellers. However, this also increases the workload of the owners, which is difficult to manage, so many sellers decided to outsource some of the tasks to amazon seller virtual assistant. 

Amazon seller assistant is a person who works remotely on the tasks assigned by the owners. The assistant makes sure the online store runs smoothly without any problem. They can handle many tasks of the online store. 

If you are also having a lot of workload in your business and so outsourcing the tasks to the assistant, then this post will be very helpful to you. In this post, we will guide outsourcing tasks to the assistants.

Why must you outsource the tasks?

1. Enhanced efficiency of the business

When you are running an online store, there are many tasks that you don’t know how to perform. These types of tasks need expertise and here, virtual assistants play a crucial role. Virtual assistants are qualified and trained professionals who can perform the tasks in the best way. And this improves the efficiency of the business. This is one of the major reasons why you must outsource the tasks to the assistants.

2. Saves time to focus on strategic tasks

A lot of your time goes into administrative and routine tasks, if you outsource those tasks, then you can save that time and use that time in strategic tasks of the business. Strategic tasks may include building a strategy for business, planning for the growth of the business, etc.

3. Cost-effective

One of the major reasons to hire Amazon assistants is that hiring them can save a lot of your cost. When you hire an in-house employee, then you not only have to pay their salary but many more benefits like bonus, insurance, training overheads, etc. On the other hand, if you hire amazon virtual assistant then you only need to pay their basic charges.


1. Product Photography

When the images of the product are attached to the product, then their sales increase significantly because in the photos people can see how the product looks, and this increases the trust of people in the product. Also, high-quality product images can attract customers to buy the product.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an important part of SEO and SEO is important to rank your store higher in the search results. If you use the right keywords in your content, then you can drive more targeted traffic to your website. Now, keyword research is not a basic task that anyone can perform. It requires expertise and thus you can outsource this task to the virtual assistant.

3. Product Videography

Product videography is one step ahead of product photography because, in a video, the customers can see the product actually moving and this clears all their doubts and infuses confidence in them. But videography must be of high definition and clear, which can be done by the expert. So, you must hire amazon virtual assistant services for this purpose.

4. Product Research

It is important to have the products that are in trend and liked by the customers, otherwise, people will not visit your store. An Amazon seller central virtual assistant can do product research for you. He will study the competitor’s business and various other sources for the product research. 

5. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are crucial tasks for every business. It includes details about financial transactions, expenditure, taxes, etc. The task requires specialized qualifications and skills and thus you must outsource this task to a virtual assistant for amazon seller. 

6. Amazon PPC Advertising

Getting more clients and engagement can be difficult for businesses. For this problem, PPC advertising is the solution. PPC ads help in increasing visibility and gaining more customers. If you want to get the most out of Amazon PPC, you need to make every dollar count. Delegate this duty to the best amazon virtual assistant who specializes in marketing or PPC to avoid wasting money on unsuccessful ads. 

7. Graphic Designing

When you have an attractive design, then it catches the eye of your audience. In order to attract your prospects, the aesthetic appeal of your product photos, headers, advertising, logos, and featured images is critical. Graphic design is also crucial for the branding of the business.


In conclusion, we would say that as the number of Amazon sellers is increasing, the number of Amazon virtual assistants is also increasing. Hiring a virtual assistant can help the owners in focusing on the main and strategic tasks of the business where the presence and attention of the sellers are necessary. 

Author Bio:

Harshal Shah is the CEO of EcomVA. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the E-commerce industry. His area of interest lies in writing fascinating pieces of content on topics relevant to growing E-commerce businesses with virtual assistant services. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with virtual assistant services for growth hacking E-commerce businesses so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.