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Tips & Tricks To Configure 5GHz Setting Of Amped WiFi DB Router

Network connectivity is very much needed in the time of COVID-19 because everything has gone online. Network connectivity is needed in every work such as children having online classes, office workers having to work online at home, online shopping, money transfer, and many more. If you want stable and better network connectivity so that you can do all your work easily without any interrupted network signals. Then, you can install an Amped WiFi DB router in your smart home. Because the network connectivity is more stable & better than the other network. You can easily install this network device in your home.

This Amped WiFi DB router provides long-range because the dual-band Wi-Fi network is completely fit for larger homes and offices. In the dual-band network, the 2.4GHz & 5GHz network is built-in.

Moreover, the 4 high-gain antennas are built-in on the Amped wireless high-power router. With this antenna, it provided high-power Wi-Fi for ultimate coverage with 14 powerful amplifiers. The setup amped wireless router is simple & easy. Just open the browser and insert in the browser address bar. After that, you can easily perform the setup without any hassle. This is the easiest way to perform the wireless setup in a quick manner. 

Why is the 5GHz network necessary for the Amped WiFi DB Router? 

The Amped WiFi DB router provides blazing-fast AC1900 Wi-Fi network speeds. It delivers up to 2.4GHz 600Mbps + 5GHz 1300Mbps. This wireless speed is most ideal to enjoy 4K streaming video, online gaming, & web surfing. This network router has built-in 5GHz & 2.4GHz network bands. This band simultaneously enhances the wireless network.

If you wish to enjoy high-speed gaming & videos streaming then you can enable the 5GHz network. Because this network provides 4 times better network signals than the 2.4GHz network. Then, the 5GHz network is most important to enjoy high-speed network signals. But to enjoy 5GHz networks you can configure this network setting. 

Which setting is required in the 5GHz network of Amped WiFi DB Router?

The amped networking router accurately supports 5GHz & 2.4GHz networks. If you wish to enjoy high-speed network signals then you can surely enable a 5GHz network. But in this network, many settings are included. This setting is as presented below:

  • Guest network
  • Basic network setting
  • Advanced setting
  • Access schedule
  • Wireless coverage control
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)

Some tips to configure a 5GHz network Of Amped WiFi DB Router

The 5GHz network provides a wireless network speed of up to 1300Mbps. This network speed is more beneficial to enjoy gaming consoles, video streaming, web surfing, & downloading. You can easily enjoy the Amped WiFi DB router network by configuring the 5GHz network. In the given below, there is some trick to properly configure the 5GHz network.

Configure basic setting of 5GHz network

If you wish to amplify the network range then you should configure the basic setting of the 5GHz network. To configure the basic setting, you can open the web interface. Then, you can insert the IP address into the search bar. You can visit the setting and select the 5GHz network.

On the basic setting page, you can verify the Amped WiFi DB router 5GHz network. If this network is disabled then you can enable it. You can click the band option and select the compatible WiFi standard and speed for your wireless network. In the SSID(WiFi network name( wild, you can enter the name. You can select the channel for optimizing the network signals from the following channel. 

In the WMM field, you can prioritize multimedia data over the wireless network. If you wish to change the security setting, then, you can click this option. Under this option, you can change the type of wireless security settings for your 5.0GHz Wi-Fi Network.

Advanced setting of 5GHz Wi-Fi setting

The advanced setting is necessary to amplify the network signals as well as boost the network coverage. The advanced settings of the 5GHz network should only be adjusted by technically advanced users. It is not recommended that users adjust these settings to avoid degrading wireless performance. In this setting, you configure Fragment Threshold; RTS Threshold; Beacon Interval; & STBC. The STBC(Space Time Block Coding) features allow improved reception by coding the data stream in blocks. You configure all the settings. In the end, you can click the save option and properly save all the settings. After that, the advanced setting is configured. 

Access schedule setting

The access schedule setting is necessary for the 5GHz network. This setting enables or disables your 5.0GHz wireless access at a set time based on your predefined schedule. You can open the web interface and then input in the search field or also use netgear_ext to check Netgear extender.. Then, you can go to the setting and properly visit the access schedule setting page. If this setting is of Amped WiFi DB router disabled, then you can enable it. You can select which days you wish for your WiFi to be available. After configuring the setting, you can click the apply option and completely save all settings. 

Configure Guest network setting 

The guest network setting is specially designed for your guest. You can easily configure this setting. On the guest network page, you can click “Enable” to create a Guest Network. The Guest Networks of the Amped WiFi DB router 5GHz network setting provide a separate wireless network, with unique settings for users to connect to. You can enter the network name & password in their field. In the last, click the save option and accurately save this setting. 

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