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Troubleshooting: Printer Connection Issue With Amplifi WiFi Router

In today’s time, everyone installs a wireless printer in their home. Because every field required copy documents. Then, people prefer a wireless printer that copies & scans documents from a mobile phone. If you have a wireless printer and want to print and copy documents remotely, you will need to connect the printer to the network. Then, you install a powerful network device that provides high-speed network signals. The Amplifi WiFi router is completely optimum & the most ideal networking device.

Because it provides high-speed network signals & is perfectly designed for all the devices. Your wireless printer is easily connected to this network device. The connection of this router is robust. No more waiting for content to load or moving around to get a better connection. This device has super antennas that deliver reliable WiFi to every corner.

The Amplifi Alien router delivers powerful WiFi coverage & ultra-high-speed anywhere in your smart home. You can easily stream 4K videos, gaming, download files, with a range of 10,000 sq. ft. If you wish to remotely operate & customize the network then you can use the amplifi app and quickly operate the network. Just install this app on your mobile and completely operate the wireless network of this networking router.

Some causes: Wireless Printer connection issues with Amplifi WiFi Router

The Amplifi wireless router provides high-speed network signals in the whole home. The wireless printer is fully compatible with this network device. Your latest technology wireless printer is easily connected to this router. But sometimes, the printer is not connected to the WIFi router. If the printer is not connecting to the network then you cannot remotely print & copy the documents. There is some cause due to printer connection issues coming with the WIFi router.

  • Printer is a long distance from the router
  • Using incorrect password
  • Wireless router not turning ON
  • Firmware issue

Amazing solutions about Printer Connection Issue With Amplifi WiFi Router

If the wireless printer is not connecting to the Amplifi WiFi routerr then you should verify the issue. Because many issues are very common then you can try to resolve this manually. To manually resolve the issue, you can follow some steps given below.

Modify the wireless printer position

Many times the wireless printer is not correct. If the printer is far from the WiFi router then it is not connecting and connection issues come. To resolve the issue in a quick manner you can modify the printer if it is really far from the router. You should place your printer where your Amplifi WiFi router is located. Because by doing this your printer will easily connects to the network. In the room where you have installed the wireless router, you should also install your printer in the same room. With this, your printer will easily connects to the network and the network connectivity issue will also fix.

Apply wired connection

If you have connected your printer to the Amplifi WiFi router network using a wireless connection but the connection issues are coming. So to fix this issue you should avoid the wireless connection and instead you should use a wired connection. Because the wired connection is more stable and better than the wireless connection.

But you ensure your printer supports the LAN port. If the printer has no built-in LAN port then you cannot make the connection. This printer has a LAN port on the back panel. Then, you can apply the Ethernet cable into the router’s LAN port as well as the printer’s LAN port. After that, turn ON the device and verify the connection. 

Using other power cords & power supply

Many times, your wireless router is not turning ON due to a faulty power cable. Many times, the power cable is broken in the middle. If the power cable is faulty then the Amplifi WiFi router is not turning ON. if the network device is not turning ON then your printer is not connecting to the network. To fix the issue, you can use other power cables. Then you can take a working power cable. This cable is applies to the power connector port of the router. After that, turn ON the router. If the router does not turn ON that means the power supply is faulty. You can replace this power supply and try to turn On the router. 

Configure the wireless router setting 

Many times, you cannot configure the router’s network setting until the network connection issue comes. To manually resolve the issue, you can configure the wireless networking router setting. You can use the web interface and then input amplifi.lan in the search field. Then, visit the Amplifi WiFi router login window. In the login window, you can enter the admin password and properly log in to the account. Then, you can go to the wireless setting and verify the setting. If the security is disabled then you configure it. You can configure the 5GHz network and also configure the wireless channel. After that save the setting by clicking the save option. 

Power cycle the Amplifi WiFi Router

To resolve the connection issue, you can power cycle the wireless router. You can unplug the cable & wire from their port. Then, you can find out the power button. You can smoothly press the power button for 3-4 seconds. Now, your Amplifi WiFi router device is powered off. You can wait until 9-10 minutes. After that, you can press the power button again and turn ON the router. 

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