Answer for all your DME/HME Prior Authorization Challenges by Sunknowledge

Is your practice facing problems in operation authorization seamlessly? Is the increasing authorization burden becoming a headache? Have you lost authorization specialists who used to take care of your authorization process during the COVID pandemic? Then you aren’t alone in this. According to a recent article by The New York Times, more than 80% of laborers haven’t returned to work for a variety of reasons starting from taking child care to generous unemployment benefits to fear of getting sick or infected through the corona virus etc. 

In fact, practice handling prior authorization are ending up with tremendous burdens on the physician and then others and resulting in deterioration billing operation’s performance

This is why today many healthcare practices are opting out for an operational extension. 

 With the current labor environment been exacerbating, it is creating tons of problems for practices in operating seamlessly. However, the struggle of finding a cost effective authorization experts in fact is been a real challenge for many practices today.

Sunknowledge – the needs of the hour for DME/HME prior authorization :

Being both efficient and cost effective, Sunknowledge Services Inc for the past decades has helped many practices overcome their authorization burden and reaching to their goals. Resolving the authorization gaps and closing all the authorization requests faster and efficiently, we today have the record of highest productivity metrics. Taking care of all the critical and other activities related to authorization initiation, approval and follow up, Sunknowledge experts take care of it all. With guaranteed 100% authorization submission on the same day and 99.9 % approval request, we today are the leading one stop authorization destination across the US.  

In fact, choosing us not only help reduce your authorization burden within a month’s time but further helps you save up a lot of cash for your practice. This is because with our experienced and trained authorization experts you no longer need additional staff and to worry about their salaries, benefits, and other overheads that go up every year. And, considering the labor shortage, this is an advantage for you and your practice.

Furthermore, expenditure that you end up wasting on IT supports training, office space, miscellaneous costs, billing software etc. also get excluded. Saving your time and money, Sunknowledge experts help you focus more on patient care management.

So if you are suffering due to staff shortages or other daily challenges that interfere with revenue generation and other clinical activities in your HME/DME prior authorization process, we can help you with a better solution.