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Asustor Storage Device Network LED Light Orange? Easy Solutions!

It is very important for big companies to maintain the data with Asustor storage device because the company runs on their gestures. In other words, data is the backbone of the companies from which the company grows. If you also work in a company and you have to take care of the data, then you need a device that can save the data and keep it.

You can also save data on laptops and computers, but these storage capacities are not enough so that they can save big data. If you want to save your data and want to access these data remotely then you can install an Asustor storage device. The storage capacity of this device is more & higher. But this device completely works with network connectivity. If the network connectivity is not available then you can’t access it remotely. 

Furthermore, the backup plan is equipped with this storage device. This plan completely allows you to automatically schedule a backup of your data from any PC or MAC to your NAS. The 200+ free unique apps are compatible with this storage device. Through the network-attached storage device, the asustor nas setup is simple & fast. You can insert an IP address or in your favorite browser and easily perform the setup.

Some reasons: Network LED light orange of Asustor Storage Device

The Asustor storage device absolutely saves large files & documents. You can easily remotely access the files & documents by using the login default IP & password. The smart LEDs lights are built-in on the front panel of the storage device. On the front panel the power, system status, network, & hard disk LED light are built-in. With this LED light you can easily verify the status of the storage device.

But sometimes the network LED is orange then the user faces an issue. The network led light is orange which means that your device is not connected to the network. If it is not connected to the Asustor storage device network then you cannot remotely access the files & documents. There are some reasons why the network LED light is orange. 

  • Not connect to the internet
  • WiFi router is far away from Asustor storage device
  • Cable connection faulty
  • Storage device firmware issue

Some solutions about Asustor Storage Device Network LED Light Orange

If the network LED light is orange of the network-attached storage device. You can easily resolve this issue manually. To manually resolve the issue, you can follow some steps given below.

Reposition the network-attached storage device

If the network LED light is orange on the Asustor storage device then you should verify the position. Because many times, the position of the storage device is far from the network device. If your device is too far away from the router then you should reposition the storage device position. If you wish to manually fix the issue, you can place the storage device near the router device. You should place your storage device where your router is located.

If you place storage near the router then it is surely connected to the network. By doing this your storage device will get better and stable network signals. This is the perfect solution to connect the storage device to the network connectivity. After that, you can remotely access the files & documents at any time in a quick manner. 

Applies the Ethernet cable connection instead of wireless connection

Many times, the wireless connection is not stable then the storage device does not connect to the network. If you connect the storage device to the network by using the password then the connection is repeatedly disconnected. To manually resolve the issue, you can use an Ethernet cable. Because the wired connection is more stable & perfect for the storage device. But you ensure the storage device supports the LAN port.

If the LAN port is not equity in the network-attach storage device then you cannot make the connection. But this storage device completely supports the LAN port. Then, you can take an Ethernet cable and smoothly apply this cable into an available LAN port of the router & storage device. After that, your storage device surely connects to the WiFi network.

Restart the Asustor storage device

To manually resolve the LED light issue, you can restart the asustor network-attached storage device. To restart the storage device, you can unplug the power cord & Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the storage device. Then, you will find the power button. On the bottom panel of the storage device, you will find the power button. Then, you can smoothly press this button for 3-4 minutes. After that, this storage device power off.

You wait until 9-10 minutes. After that, you can press the power button and turn ON the storage device. After that, it is easily connects to the network. 

Verify the firmware version

Sometimes the firmware is outdates then the networks do not connect to the storage device. To resolve the issue, you should verify the firmware version. You can use the storage device’s IP address and then input it into the web interface. Then, you can log in to the account and visit the advanced setting. In the advanced setting, you can select the firmware upgrade option. Under this option, you can easily verify the firmware. If this firmware is outdates then you can update it by using the new & latest firmware file.

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