Battery Shades – The Best Way for Powering Motorized Shades

Battery Shades

Want to install motorized window treatments in your home? If you do, consider the power type, meaning the type of power the shades will need to operate. Your selection of the different powering options determines measurement, mounting type and most importantly, availability of motorization of the shades. You will also have to understand the type of maintenance required for a specific motorized shade. Battery shades are one of the popular varieties of motorized shades solutions.

Diverse brands come with diverse options and hence, it is crucial to determine which brand of automated shades to choose. Different kinds of power options are available for motorized shades. There are primarily three kinds of power options – solar-powered, plug-in powered and battery-operated.


Battery-operated shades come with three different kinds of batteries – external rechargeable, external non-rechargeable and built-in rechargeable.

  • Shades with built-in rechargeable batteries are pretty convenient as the powerpackage remains inside the shades. With one-time charge you can operate these shades for almost 6 to 12 months, depending on their size and use. When the charge drains out, all you have to do is plug them in for around 5 to 6 hours to make them fully charged again. However, there is one drawback of this variety of battery-operated shades. Since the battery of these shades is built in, you cannot replace it and over time, battery lifespan can decrease. Further, you can get a limited size of these shades depending on the kind of battery installed in them. Hence, these shades might not be suitable for larger windows.
  • For external non-rechargeable battery shades, the battery case has to be plugged in the shade and they need to be replaced after expiry. You do not need to charge these batteries. These batteries can be a bit expensivebut there are a number of shades available on the market.
  • External rechargeable battery shades appear to be the best of the lot. The batteries are external, implying you have to hide them or mount them behind the shades. The best feature is that these batteries can be easily replaced and swapped for charging. Moreover, there are high power batteries in this variety, which make these shades perfect for large windows.

There are other ways to power motorized shades as well. It all depends on the needs of the homeowner. Battery power is the most common option available at the moment.

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