Benefits of Industrial Site Spraying

Industrial site spraying remains quite a popular choice, especially in the heavy-duty construction industry. Industrial spray painting is a faster and more economical process to apply paint coatings on a wide range of surfaces.

So, if your covering paint has started to peel off or have some unfinished wall in your commercial building, on-site spray painting is a good option for a multitude of reasons.

A Speedier Process

For commercial space or even a big house, the ceiling, floors and other areas are huge spaces to cover. Industrial spray painting is efficient in such situations as it makes the procedure faster.

This reduces the hours of the job, minimising the downtime of the businesses and saving cost.

Huge Range of Applications

Industrial spray painting works with a lot of different combinations of primers, liquids or stains. It provides uniform coverage on a range of surfaces like wood, metal, fibreglass, plastic and so on.

Companies like ARS Ltd., are specially trained for on site spraying services including intumescent coatings, roof spraying, windshield spraying, etc.


On-site spray painting gives a smooth and even finish to the surfaces. The paint particles are forced at a certain pressure that ensures even distribution and a mirror-like finish to the exteriors.

The paint can withstand daily wear and tear as well as weather corrosion. This serves perfectly for places like rooftops, shopfronts, cladding and other areas where, quick-drying, sturdy paint is a requirement.

Controlled Atomisation

Airless spraying is a very common form of industrial spray painting in the market. These systems operate off a high-pressure build-up, forcing the paint to come out of the nozzle in a soft spray.

While applying thicker paint, a bigger nozzle is required to break down the paint particles into a fine mist by higher explosion pressure. This controlled atomisation helps to achieve the precision and paint consistency that we see with industrial spray painting.

Reduced Wastage

HVLP industrial site spraying systems use a very lightweight air turbine to provide air supply instead of an air compressor to atomise the paint. Many other spray techniques produce an excessive amount of overspray resulting in huge waste and poor efficiency.

With industrial spraying, however, the amount of material wastage is massively reduced as compared to other air spray technologies. This is a cleaner process for the environment and ideal for metallic paint application. The ‘soft’ spray exerted by industrial spray paint also minimises maintenance on filters and booths.

Better Finish

Industrial onsite spray systems are known to apply paint at 6,000 pounds per square inch. The paint particles are deduced into a fine mist and expelled at high pressure. This is why industrial spray painting can be worked on a variety of surfaces to give e glossy factory finished output.

One of the best things about industrial spray paint is its versatility. From building spaces to workshop floors, marine tanks, roofs—it can be used easily. So, the next time you think about refinishing, go for industrial spray painting.

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