Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India 2021

Advantages of choosing a lifetime free credit card

Other than the interest rates, credit cards also attract additional charges which you have to pay in the form of annual charges or joining fees. Paying this fee is worth it because it provides higher rewards and benefits based on card usage. But at times, credit cards having zero joining or annual fee provide better advantages considering the long-term usage of the credit card. 

Though these lifetime free credit cards do not extend high cashback offers or rewards,  we can consider them for long-term usage and at the same time improve our credit score. If you are someone planning to take a credit card for long-term use, then you can consider choosing a credit card that charges zero annual fees (generally referred to as lifetime free credit cards). 

There are a lot of credit cards with zero joining and annual charges available in the market you can choose from. What is important to consider here is that a credit card is a financial tool that can act in an advantageous or in a disadvantageous manner. All this depends on the features of the card and your usage pattern. After observing these 2 basic points, you can consider whether a particular kind of credit card will be ideal for you or not.  

Furthermore, few credit cards come with joining offers like the first year’s annual charges being waived off. Such facility is provided by the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, which helps in considerably saving on the credit card joining expense.

Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India you can choose from

We have compiled a list of the top credit cards which include the best free credit cards in India.

1) Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum Plus First-Year-Free SuperCard is the most preferred credit card in this category. Despite this SuperCard not being a free lifetime credit card, the offers provided by this Bajaj Finserv co-brand credit card are unmatchable. This credit card offers zero joining fees and provides exclusive access to airport lounges, free movie tickets, cashback offers on down payments, etc. Also on annual spending up to Rs. 1.5 lakh, you are rewarded with 10,000 points as a bonus. You can get up to 2× reward points on completing your online purchases through this credit card. Other notable features of this power-packed credit card include emergency personal Loans, EMI conversion facility, interest-free cash withdrawal up to 50 days, etc. 

2) Instant Platinum Credit Card – ICICI

This credit card is very common among first-time credit card users as it has no annual fees and requires minimum documentation against your ICICI savings bank account. Its welcome offer includes an Rs. 100 discount on up to 2 movie tickets booking per month. The card is valid internationally and it provides Global Emergency Assistance and card replacement services throughout the world. The platinum credit card has a low-interest rate of only 2.49%/ month. You can also get 2 payback points on every 100  rupees spent using the credit card.

3) Visa Platinum Credit Card – HSBC

Next on the list of lifetime free credit cards is the Visa Platinum credit card from HSBC. Loaded with very good cashback offers, you can get up to a 10% cashback on all purchases within the first 60 days. Its welcome offer includes 10% cashback (up to Rs. 2,500) in the first 90 days, but to benefit from this offer, you need to complete a minimum of 9 transactions (total amount of Rs. 10,000 or more). It provides you with 2 reward points every time you spend Rs. 150.

4) Amazon Pay Credit Card – ICICI

This credit card is provided by the ICICI Bank in cooperation with Amazon and Visa. The Amazon Pay credit card facilitates the customers to shop online on Amazon and earn attractive cashback and discount offers on each transaction. This credit card supports you in earning up to 5% cashback on all spendings. The card is best suited for shopaholics who are fond of online shopping. It also helps you in saving 15% on your food bills at the partner restaurants. It’s a lifetime free credit card with zero joining and annual charges.

5) Unnati Credit Card – SBI

This is one of the unique lifetime free credit cards provided by the State Bank of India (SBI). Its annual fee of Rs. 499 has been waived off for the first 4 years. You get a chance to earn 1 reward point per Rs. 100 spent through the Unnati card. After 4 years, you can recover your annual charges of Rs. 499 as it also has an offer of Rs. 500 cashback on achieving an annual milestone of Rs. 50,000 transactions. Along with 1 reward point per Rs. 100 spent, you can also get Rs. 500 cashback within 15 days of attaining the annual spending target of Rs. 50,000 or more.

By choosing Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard — which is among the top credit cards, you can benefit from certain industry-first features like hassle-free instant card approval without any physical KYC documentation and interest-free cash withdrawals up to a grace period of 50 days.