Best Long-Lasting Branded Fragrances for Women

Perfumes are a unique creation of human beings. Originally invented to keep body odour in check, today, branded fragrances are used to boost confidence and build your status symbol.

Be it a wedding, an interview, a date, party, shopping or even lazing around the house, the importance of wearing perfume in daily life is massive.

It portrays an essential picture of your character, mood, style and personality. Just like wearing a pretty dress or an expensive shoe, a good designer perfume can boost your confidence. A dash of your favourite perfume relaxes your mind and doesn’t let you feel awkward about your body odour.

Perfume also helps to enhance your mood. For instance, if you are feeling sad and want to enjoy a party, a dash of perfume with flowery notes can get you to feel nice and playful.

It also helps to express your mood to others. Wearing a branded fragrance that suits a particular occasion helps to let people know your vibe. But for that, you need to pick the right smell for the right occasion. For example, a special date night cannot go without a sensuous smell, like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.

Perfumes have many therapeutic and relaxing effects on the human mind. Certain smells like citrus or floral essence can calm the nerves and soothe any stress. For some people, it even helps to sleep better.

Which perfume is your favourite? Do you only like designer perfumes or a nice low-cost perfume? Scroll down to find our list of fifteen best long-lasting fragrances with mesmerising smells and find them at FCP.

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