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Gym athletes usually spend long hours pushing the iron hard and stress their muscles. The intense exercise helps them to achieve desired results. The human body requires protein and necessary amino acids to grow muscles and enhance endurance. Protein is a valuable source that athletes can get from their daily diet.

Muscle amino 18 serving is an excellent protein supplement that contains a reasonable amount of protein.

  • Lysine
  • Histidine
  • Threonine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Tryptophan
  • 3g Glutamine

Jumping into the above amino acids, let us look at what amino acids are and their role in boosting athletic performance.


Amino acids are a group based on 20 compounds that contain particular traits. The expert athletes indicate that amino acids are building blocks of protein in human and animal bodies. The experts indicate that supplements that contain amino acids are perfect for Muscle gain, Decreasing muscle fatigueand enhancing body strength. Below are the benefits. 

1- Muscle Function

Muscle amino 18 serving comes loaded with amino acids that are important for gaining muscle and strength development. Amino acids assist in maintaining the balance between strength and growth. Proper supplementation with amino acids increases nitrogen supply in your body.

2- Athematic Performance 

The amino acids aid in Protein Synthesis and quick recovery after extensive gym exercise.

3- Blood Glucose Levels 

Several gym athletes indicate that amino acids are advantageous for blood sugar levels.

4- 3g Glutamine

All of the above listed, amino acids are beneficial for gym athletes. Instance, Lysine offers its contribution to muscle growth and enhances bone strength. Histidine aids in blood cells growth and repair. Supplements filled with amino acids Decrease muscle fatigue and leads to a speedy recovery., 

5- Boost Immune System 

Gym athletes eat different kinds of food and supplements to maintain their physique. Their immune system should be strong enough to digest foods and supplements. These days accessories like Muscle amino 18 serving come with different amino acids, which boosts the immune system. It is an essential source of fuel for immune cells that includes white blood and intestinal cells.

Multiple studies reported that glutamine is an effective amino acid, which can improve heart health, decrease infection risks and lead to fewer hospital visits.

BioX MUSCLE AMINO 18 SERVINGS Effects on Muscles: 

Gym athletes visit the gym to increase lean muscles. Researchers have indicated that glutamine is an effective amino acid that aids in lean muscle growth.

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