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Blue cats are known for their thick blue-grey hair coat. They have bright shiny eyes. The blue cats are sweet, loyal who will have a good comfortable routine. Blue cats are famous for their loving temperament with low grooming requirements. If you want pets for your family, blue cats are the best option for you. Because blue cats are family-friendly cats. You will end up having an affectionate family pet. These blue cats are relatively rare to found and cost very high between $400-$600. Despite this high cost, you will never regret buying these blue kittens because of their amazing features. 

Appearance of Blue Kittens

Russian blue cats are cats that are medium-sized with plush, short hair coats. This fur makes them look larger than they actually are. They have soft silky coats. The color of these cats is charcoal grey with shimmering silver. These cats have lower levels of known feline allergens, known as Hypoallergenic. 

Aspects of Blue Kittens

One of the very interesting aspects of Russian blue cats is her eyes. The color changes in hue from yellow to green. All the Russian blue cats are born with blue eyes, but the color changes over time. The blue color changes or fades from blue to yellow or from yellow to golden green. They are born with blue eyes, yellow-green during the early stage of life, and then bright green during adulthood. The weight of the blue cats is 7-12 pounds generally and they are 10 inches in height.


Russian blue cats are very loyal and love to follow their owners wherever they go. These cats wait for you and will follow you when you will arrive at the door. Blue cats are shy but they are affectionate towards you. They take some time in getting comfortable with you in your new house but once they get comfortable, they will be convenient and enjoy in your house playing everywhere. 

Blue Kittens

Tips You Should Know When Bringing Blue Cats At Home

Blue cats easily get comfortable with children and family members, and with other pets. Their temperament is not so high and is calm. They interact with you with soft-spoken words and meow to get food and to get attention. This breed o Blue Kittens is very smart and energetic. They will play but with their calm nature. 

Living Needs

Russian blues are calmer and they love to live in a familiar environment. They don’t love many visitors and are shy in front of them. If you are thinking that these cats do not love to interact with strangers, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love company. They are just not so friendly with someone they first met. Russian blues get comfortable over time, you just have to give them some time. 


Russian blues need much care for their health. They are somehow low-maintenance for grooming. These cats need fewer baths and brushing of hair to look beautiful. Other things such as nail trimming, cleaning of the ear and eyes are also compulsory. You can buy some toys for them because they love to play. Take care of them as much as you can. try to make a feeding and playtimes schedule for a comfortable routine with them. 


Russian blue cats have 15-20 years of lifespan. During their lifetime, they are healthy and active as they are naturally occurring breeds. It’s better to take your blue cats for a regular checkup for their health. They get diseases easily, that’s why you have to take more care than usual. Russian blue cats are among the favorite animals that you can use as pets.


As we have discussed above, blue cats are friendly and affectionate towards their owners. So, don’t be surprised when you found them at the door on your arrival at home. It has been said that Russian blue cats train their owners, instead of their owners training them. It is because they are very smart and energetic. They may look slender but are strong and muscular from the inside. Their long legs are helpful in running faster.  If you are interested in pets and want to buy new blue kittens, then you should better go and check Puro Amor Cattery, because they are selling the best cats at reasonable prices.