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10 Reasons Customer Centric Businesses Should Hire Call Center Services

When should businesses outsource call center services to a BPO company? It ‘sit’s one of the common questions that every business thinks about. When a business is outsourcing its processes to a third party, either domestically or overseas, it is known as business process outsourcing. In 2013, the global BPO sector was estimated to be worth around 83 billion dollars; since then, it has witnessed a titanic surge in the business. Today it ‘sat USD 245.91 billion. Thus, business process outsourcing is among the rapidly escalating industries. Various variables, such as cost advantage, risk minimization, utilization improvement, and high competency have contributed to the BPO industry’s massive growth.

The immense growth of the sector and the challenges businesses face delivering customer services lead businesses to hire call center services to meet their customer satisfaction goals. Handling demanding consumers, restricted budgets, irregular work hours and schedules, and client satisfaction are just a few of the difficulties this sector faces.

Why Should Businesses Consider Hiring Call Center Services?

Businesses must encounter numerous obstacles when working for CAST goals and continually consider these challenges. Let’s check out some of the most common challenges businesses face and turn to outsourcing. 

  1. Shifting Shopping Trends 

Shopping trends have changed all across the globe because of the pandemic. Now more than 60% of people prefer to shop online. It has increased ticket volume and long wait-time in handling customer queries, resulting in poor services. As a result, it might significantly impact customer services, and thus businesses tend to rely on call center outsourcing.

  1. Rising of Customer Expectations

Providing 100% client satisfaction has always been a challenging issue for businesses. However, customer expectations have skyrocketed due to various social media outlets and intensified market competition, posing a significant challenge for many companies.

  1. Limited Budgets

The budget is a critical issue that most companies face. Most of the time, outsourcing organizations are expected to produce the best possible for the least amount of money. As a result, outsourcing to BPO companies extracts the most value from a finite number of resources and budgets. 

  1. Health Challenges

Since most companies are located in different time zones, their resources may be available at any time of day. As a result, it can lead to substantial health concerns among employees and significantly reduce their productivity.

  1. Customers Expectations

For several reasons, the client may terminate the contract and hand over the project to your competitor at any point during the project. The cost of a sudden agreement termination can be high. Also, it can have a significant impact on most organizations.

  1. Lack of Talent 

Finding the right skilled people to work is one of the most challenging difficulties in the industry. According to a recent survey, just a small percentage of graduates are qualified and best fitted to work as professionals. As a result, businesses tend to collaborate with BPO companies to expand graduates’ skill sets and make them more fit for the work that support firms seek. 

  1. Employee Attrition

It’s worth mentioning that the BPO company has a high staff churn rate. Companies cannot persuade their staff to stay with them for a longer time, resulting in significant losses every time. In addition, hiring a new employee and training that person for the position is both time-consuming and costly.

  1. Networking Channels

In the last decade, the number of communication channels has surged. Apart from traditional phone calls and letters, people use social media methods to communicate messages. So, it becomes very challenging for businesses to decide which channel can be their best for interacting with employees.

  1. Constant Disruptions

A poor internet connection, noisy phone lines, power outages, and other factors could cause the various operations to be disrupted. In addition, businesses typically operate on a 24-hour-a-day basis and are required to be available at all times. Therefore, such interruptions can be extremely costly and challenging for companies to handle processes.

  1. Brand Building and Equity 

It’s difficult for start-ups companies to develop a long-term branding strategy that doesn’t stifle brand equity growth. In that case, they have to spend a lot more money on marketing than the average company—high employee turnover results in many disgruntled ex-employees, which increases the chance of negative reviews.

Bottom Line

Despite the challenges mentioned above, hundreds of businesses are in the market but, just a few have established themselves as key players. All market participants should consider examining existing call center services and determining what rules have allowed these businesses to thrive. The majority of these problems contribute to the increasing popularity of outsourcing support to a professional BPO company. When competition intensifies, and the line between IT and ITES blurs, the situation has a good chance of improving.