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Top 5 Celebrity Look-alike Apps and their Features

Are you really keen to know which celebrity you really look like? There are various celebrity look-alike apps to help you with that. No matter if you are a startup or an entrepreneur if you’re looking for a celebrity look-alike generator, this article is for you. 


Each one of us is unique in several ways. With each flaw and feature, our identity or appearance is built. However, we are all similar yet different from each other. It sometimes explains why people can relate to you with someone else, even a celebrity for that matter. 

When it comes to entertainment, there are many gaming chat apps to acknowledge, celebrity look-alike apps are a great choice as well! The specialized app development company in USA can help you with celebrity look-alike generators with ultimate features they contain that may concern you when you wonder ‘who do I look like? 

So, it’s time to discover the top 5 celebrity look alike apps and their features:

1. Gradient 


The gradient is a top-notch celebrity look-alike generator that provides multiple innovative facial features and keeps the user data safe at the backend. 

It is a kind of photo-editing app that lets users upload their pictures where the AI-driven interface will show the best celebrity match that is closest in resembling the face. In this app, you can find your doppelganger using artificial intelligence and modern techniques for an amazing user journey. 

Top features of Gradient App :

  • AI-driven photo editing app with inbuilt look-alike feature
  • Attractive AI effects and exclusive hair collages
  • Fantasy beauty features and handcrafted filters included
  • AI Animation to turn into a cartoon character
  • Classical style portraits with ever-growing AI painting technology
  • Several beauty tools and face app to edit features – eyes, lips, nose, etc.

Download the Gradient App on Android and iOS today!

2. Celebs


Celebs is another celebrity look-alike generator that works on comparison & accuracy. It claims to be 100% free tool that is worth mentioning. The recent updates show that the results are way more accurate, and the identification is faster. Thus, Celebs is now one of the few top photo editing apps in the market.

It is the fast, fun, and most downloaded app with ultimate features when it comes to photography and editing. Thanks to machine learning that smoothly identifies the emotions, face, and features and doesn’t compromise on the accuracy.

Top features of Celebs App:

  • Search for best lookalike and identification of twins
  • 100% free to users with faster comparisons
  • AI Cartoon style feature to edit the photo to a cartoon character
  • Which celebrity do I look like generator
  • Facial results for Instagram and Snapchat

Download the Celebs App on Android and iOS today!

3. Star by face 

Star by face 

As the name says, Star By Face is another top celebrities look alike app worth mentioning. This tool acts as a picture generator for the faces of celebrities. It follows the below 3 major steps:

  • Upload the photo of your face
  • The system detects the face
  • The result is out!

This app is able to determine the facial data from the device using facial recognition technology. Also, it doesn’t store users’ personal information in order to fasten the editing process making it safer for users.

The ultimate goal of this app is data protection and photo deletion once the recognition process is done.

Top Features of Star By Face App:

  • Ensures the high resolution for every filtered photo
  • Offers several choices over a pool of celebs
  • Effective machine learning and user-friendly application
  • Available ‘free’ download option
  • Great collection of celebrities

Download Star By Face App on Android and iOS today!

4. Y-Star


Y-Star is a popular celebrity look-alike generator that identifies your twin in seconds! This app is easily operated and downloaded on the device. 

Y-Star takes the photo from the camera and scans the facial features to find the most accurate match from a pool of popular celebs available. This app doesn’t concern gender, age, sex, scars, etc. 

Finding your doppelganger is a cakewalk with Y-Star.

Top Features of Y-Star App:

  • Accurate results with a self-built front camera to click photo
  • The face-mapping feature offers to edit facial features like eyes, nose, mouth, and so on.

5. My Replica

My Replica

This app is the best if you are looking for a professional touch to your celeb look-alike snap as it offers the real essence to the pictures. 

Moreover, it becomes simpler to share the edited snap on several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

Top features of My Replica App:

  • Easy and professional editing of pictures
  • Simpler to find your celebrity doppelganger
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Advanced machine learning technology for picture editing 
  • Impressive results when it comes to accuracy
  • Big collection of popular FACES across several industries like music, entertainment, politics, sports, etc.

Download My Replica App on Android and iOS today!

Business Models of Celebrity look-alike apps:

Let’s take a look at the revenue model of apps and how do these apps make generate money:

1. Advertising and Marketing

The primary factor to earn money with celebrity look-alike apps is to air the app commercials, opt for affiliate marketing and earn via third-party networks.

2. Subscription

One of the other revenue models is based on subscriptions for videos, tutorials, audio, and other services that have detailed content to generate money. 

3. Execute in-app purchases

It is another way to generate revenue for publishers who want to generate digital money. In-app purchases facilitate the sale of a virtual item using facial features or other collections. 

Final Words:

Celebrity look-alike apps are the hottest in trend and gaining popularity every passing day. In case, you are willing to develop such celebrity look-alike apps, then Mobcoder is the team for you. 

Mobcoder is an app development company in USA that has the required expertise in creating AI-driven apps with a full understanding of the AI ecosystem and helps you with your dream app for your business. 

Happy Doppelganging!