Consuming Coolant. The Most Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

According to the car repairing services in Bangalore, loss of coolant can lead to the formation of so-called steam jams. In addition, it also contributes to overheating of the engine and burnout of the cylinder head gasket. So what are the reasons for coolant leaks? We will discuss in this article: 

Every car’s cooling system contains various parts that are made of different materials. This sort of thing provides favourable conditions for the leak’s formation at the contact points between gaskets, metals or rubber hoses. Gradually, the rubber element used to create cable pressure loses its properties, slack forms on the water pump’s bearing, and impurities can appear in the entire system (especially when the coolant has not been replaced). Such sort of occurrence can easily limit the patency of the cable or accelerate the corrosion of the metal parts. Reasons: the cables may be bitten by a rodent or be mechanically abraded – e.g., incorrect placement in the engine compartment or breaking one of the clamps. 

In some car models, the gaskets placed under the heads are the weakest link in the entire system. According to the location and size of the damage, slight fluid leakage or a substantial loss may occur, combined with mixing the coolant with the engine oil or pushing it from the system under the influence of exhaust gas pressure.

Where does the coolant usually run out from?

In most cases, the coolant usually leaks in the radiator, which is generally exposed to direct impact with stones, giant insects or sticks. A single contact usually does not cause more severe damage. Still, in an already ancient car, it is enough to look at the cooling fins between the water lines to understand that the radiator does not have an easy-going life. The radiator is not strategically placed for maintaining a considerable distance from the vehicle in front. The smaller its size, the more substantial the impact of chips falling from under the wheels and the more dangerous it is for the radiator. 

Temporary removal of coolant leaks

Leaks can be easily provisionally blocked by using liquid radiator sealants available at the best car service in  Bangalore. However, there are multiple opinions regarding it. Generally, sealant manufacturers ensure that their product will not clog the system. Still, there are also opinions that fluid poured into the system may limit the patency of the radiator, heater and water channels. 

In addition, there are also various ad hoc methods of sealing damaged rubber hoses – you can easily purchase “bandages” specially designed for such sort of things using a mobile app for car repairs. If there are minor damages, you can quickly wrap it with multiple layers of tape, and the solution should work. Of course, the best solution will be to fix the leak occurrence precisely. However, during a vacation, hardly any car owners want to think about it because of the time required. 

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