customized t shirts

Customized T-shirts are in demand. Why?

Nowadays, the term “customize” has become a trending word in the beauty and fashion industry. We hear a lot about customized t-shirts, customized skincare package, customized make-up kits, and customized gift hamper, etc. Among these, the customized t-shirt has become the most trending product, especially in the corporate world, NGOs, schools, and colleges, etc. It allows you to get the t-shirts printed with the images, design, or logo as per your desire. It is a new concept in fashion and clothing. Also gives an attractive and creative look. With an increase in online shopping and digital marketing, this popular trend has spread at a very faster pace. Various websites offer the option of customizing your t-shirt with your design on their online platform available in different sizes and at a reasonable price.

The customers can easily design their t-shirt through the play tool as it allows them to add pictures, text, and quotes as per their preference. There is a rapid increase in the number of online stores or websites providing the option of purchasing customized t-shirts. They also have availability of all the tools for self-designing your t-shirt. They have various designs on their portal for the customers to make a choice.

Reasons for being in demand:

  • Personalized images – Customers are allowed to select images, text or logos to be printed on the t-shirts as per their personal choice. The images or text can be of any design. Additionally, It can be funny characters or quotes, cartoon characters for kids’ t-shirts, couple photos, social messages, and business taglines, etc.
  • The desired pattern – Customers are allowed to purchase t-shirts customized according to their personality. They available in different patterns like short sleeves, long or full sleeves, with or without sleeves. It can be a collared t-shirt or without a collar as per the customer’s convenience. It also includes the type of fit that the customer desires.
  • The type of cloth preferred – Customers can choose the type of the garment to be customized. They are also allowed to select their favourable color. Customers may demand the type of the garment as per the season like customized woollen t-shirt in the winter season or cotton t-shirts in the summer season. Also, customers may choose between a single-colored or multi-colored t-shirt customization.
  • Promotional purposes – Be it a small-scale or large-scale business, marketing is the key component. Customizing a t-shirt with the business name, company’s tagline, or company’s logo for the employees on a promotional event has become the most popular and attractive trend of marketing in recent times. It helps in spreading the brand’s name, creating an awareness about the brand, and also promoting the products.
  • Print preference – Customers get an option to choose from a variety of prints available in different websites like floral, animal, computerized, and dots, etc. T-shirts can be printed with memorable images, like personal photograph, anniversary photos, and couple photos, etc.
  • Spreading messages – T-shirts can be customized for any kind of spiritual, educational, or social event. Nowadays, it is an increasing trend of printing messages, quotes, or notes on t-shirts to spread messages or awareness in the society. Customers get to choose devotional images and quotes for spiritual congregations. Likewise, NGOs can get t-shirts printed to spread social awareness.

Key Takeways:

Custom t-shirt printing was introduced to the world long back in 1700 in the name as “screen printing”. Custom t-shirt print delivers messages efficiently. Due to the advancement in technology, now these t-shirts are available at a cheaper and reasonable price. Different occasions demand different types of custom printed t-shirt. With time, the printing cost is reducing and thus, customers can enjoy the benefits of these t-shirts. It can be printed based on the theme of the party or the event. Apart from this, it is also a recommendable gift on the occasion of birthday, anniversary, or farewell.