Dog Collars

Dog collars are one of the few indulgences for a dog lover. Although dog collars are an absolute must, they can also be a fashionable extravaganza. Dog collars make the dog stand out from the crowd. A unique dog collar can really draw attention to the dog and the owner.

Today, there are many different types of dog collars available. They range from simple and practical leather collars to elegant custom collars for that unique look. There are many companies that are designing unique collars for all types of dogs. These include nylon necklaces, cotton necklaces, metal necklaces, leather necklaces, handmade necklaces, woven necklaces, foam necklaces, gold, silver or platinum necklaces, beaded necklaces, stone inlaid necklaces, etc. According to the purpose, dog collars can be classified as adjustable collars, washable collars, training collars, bark-free collars, reflective collars, electric collars, waterproof collars, talking collars, and others.

Some common designs include plaid, polka dot, python print, crocodile print, animal print, tuxedo style, denim, bandana, mink, bone, bow collar, slip collars, metallic collection, beads, velvet, and those with unique designs such as MLB, NLF, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Eagles and so on.

Cuban Dog Collar have to be very comfortable. The correct size of the dog’s neck should be carefully measured with a tape. Placing two fingers between the neck and the tape would show the most comfortable length. The tape should also be kept loose around the neck. The necklace will likely rest a few inches below your head, but it’s best to add a couple of inches to the measurement. If the length is between two sizes, choose the larger neckline.

Choose a larger collar if the dog is still growing. The different necklace sizes available are: toy (8-10 “”), small (10-14 “”), small plus (14-16 “”), medium (16-18 “”), large (20-22 “)”) and extra large (22-24 “”). The width of the neck is generally ½ “” or 1 “”. The 10-14 “” collars are for Beagles, Jack Russells and Shelties, which have smaller necks. Labs, Australian Shepherds, Dalmatians, Pointers, and Spaniels have neck sizes ranging from 14 to 20 inches, while Rottweilers, Great Danes, and Chow Chows have neck lengths between 18 and 28 inches.

Dog collars also differ depending on the buckle used. Some collars have snap-on buckles, which are very convenient, but they are not ideal for large, powerful dogs as they are not very strong. Some buckles also have special safety features to prevent collar-related accidents. These days there are also GPS dog collars available to make dog tracking easier.

Prices for dog collars start at $ 5 or $ 6 and can go as high as $ 100 depending on the type of collar and the material used. They are also available in bulk quantities, in sets of 12 or 24 necklaces or more.