E-commerce podcasts: The 6 best to stay motivated and boost your online sales

If you are here it is because you are looking for a way to find inspiration and stay motivated. Indeed, weariness can be part of the “e-commerce podcasts adventure”. No reason to feel guilty! It is sometimes difficult to keep your motivation capital in good shape.

To overcome these little moments of latency, we have decided to share with you our favorite, inspiring, and motivating e-commerce podcasts to pump you up during the holidays!

Make yourself comfortable, headphones in your ears, light a candle, we take care of the rest!

What are podcasts exactly?

Too often shunned in France, the podcast is yet a very popular media across the Atlantic. And yet, there is a real pool of quality podcasts in France!

By the way, what is the definition of a podcast?

“Podcast” is the term used to designate the method of broadcasting audio files on the Internet. So it’s audio content, available anytime, anywhere. The technology is fantastic!

The term podcast can also be used to refer to the replay of radio shows, but in this article, we will talk about so-call “native” podcasts. These are audio content produced for direct broadcast.

The anecdote:

I felt you needed an anecdote to shine at your next dinner party. Did you know that the term “Podcast” originated from the contraction of “iPod” and “Broadcast” (which means “broadcast” in English)?

This neologism is attributed to Ben Hammersley, journalist for The Guardian, who uses it for the very first time in one of his articles in 2004. It is the Apple brand that appropriates the term and introduces this notion in iTunes 4.9.

iTunes no longer exists, but Apple Podcast is still broadcasting, to the delight of its users.

It’s a gift, you can wow the gallery this weekend!

Nowadays, it is possible to listen to shows in podcast format on almost any streaming platform provide you have a connection:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Napster
  • Apple Podcast
  • Tidal

We have therefore classified the most relevant podcasts broadcast in the French-speaking e-commerce sector to allow you to (re) discover great stories and success stories, new strategies, new concepts or more simply, stay up to date.

We know that distance selling is constantly evolving. And we also know that you are chasing time. The Podcast is therefore the best alternative to get information while working.

The best known: The Basket

Le Panier is certainly the most famous podcast in the small world of e-commerce.

“Proudly powered by Cosa Vostra”, a digital agency, and presented by Laurent Kretz, co-founder of the latter, Le Panier invites you to discover great brand stories.

Between interviews and exchanges of best practices, Le Panier is definitely THE inspiring feel good podcast you need this summer.

The most inspiring: The Digital Doers

The Digital Doers, for their part, tell the story of the big names in e-commerce in France.

Through polished interviews, the Digital Doers take us to meet successful leaders with the aim of understanding how they execute their business.

The most educational: The E-commerce Society

The Ecommerce Society deciphers e-commerce news every week.

All the trends analyze by Michel Juvillier, an expert in Business Development.

A real pool of information to answer all your questions about online sales and its news.

The most vitamin: The e-commerce café

Adrien and Laetitia host this podcast with passion!

No time to take a grain of salt, they decipher digital news without a joke through press reviews, interviews with entrepreneurs and business focus.

A real resource for staying up to date and keeping fishing.

Most passionate: Ecommerce Geeks

If you are thirsty for news in internet sales, the Ecommerce Geeks podcast is for you!

Tips for developing online sales, strategies to accelerate your growth, presentation of new concepts, everything is there to help you improve your knowledge of e-merchants.

The most enlightened: Voices of e-commerce

Voices of e-commerce is the podcast create by Paris Retail Week.

Initially designed to make us wait until the event, these 8 interviews allow us to go behind the scenes of e-commerce strategies among the most beautiful digital brands native to France.

Inspired and inspiring, we keep our fingers crossed to have regular content, even if it does not seem planned:

And you, what are your favorite e-commerce podcasts?

Here is our Top 6 of our favorite French-speaking podcasts to add to your playlist to discover or rediscover e-commerce.

Enough to keep fishing, motivate yourself to continue the adventure, and inspire by the great stories of successful entrepreneurs. If they could do it, so can you!

Tell us, in the comments, which podcasts you listen to and prefer.

You now know what content to subscribe to and you can now travel the roads of France with confidence. Good holidays! Click here