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Employ The Multi-Delivery App Solution To Develop An App Like Gojek

In the tech-savvy digital world, everything seems simpler as people can buy various products or avail of different services under one roof. Have you ever wondered how? It is merely possible with the help of an on-demand multi-delivery app. Through this, anyone can place an order or book a service with a few taps, which will be fulfilled within a stipulated date/time. Undoubtedly, multi-service apps are the future of the on-demand sector. The one who is sure about leaping into the on-demand sector can make use of a ready-made multi-delivery app solution. 

What Is A Multi-Delivery App Solution?

A multi-delivery app solution is a pre-built one with the inclusion of multiple services and relevant features. This platform enables users to opt for the available services under a single roof. 

Some prominent services included are food delivery, alcohol delivery, ride-hailing, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, courier delivery, handyman, mechanics, house cleaning, etc. As this app solution is crafted using modernistic technology, it will enable the app to function seamlessly.  

There are several advantages of a ready-made multi-delivery app solution over the customary way of app development from scratch. The following are the vital benefits. 

  • Customizable and scalable according to the business requirements
  • Integration of multiple payment gateways 
  • Readily available for deployment
  • Pocket-friendly solution

Simple Steps To Consider During Multi-Delivery App Development

The process of developing a super app is simple. Let’s dig deeper into the steps to be considered during multi-delivery app development.

Step 1 – Mapping Up Your App Idea After Market Analysis

Begin with the crucial stage of analyzing the market to come up with a successful app idea. For this, you have to know the recent trends and have a clear-cut idea of which audience you wish to target. Alongside, know their preferences and demands. Briefly say, understand each and every aspect of your business requirements. 

Step 2 – Which Platform To Choose For Deployment?

Secondly, you have to be sure of which platforms you want to consider for the deployment. The choice of multiple platforms would be great when planning for wider coverage. Keep a point in mind that the selection of platforms has to be based on the target audience. 

Step 3 – Choose The Essential Features To Include In The App

Coming to the most requisite step, the choice of features must be in accordance with the app’s functionality. Here’s a list of features that have to be incorporated into the multi-delivery app.

  • In-App Communication
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Order/Booking History
  • Book Now Or Schedule Later
  • Reviews & Ratings

Step 3 – Common Tech Stack For Multi-Delivery App Development

In order to support the multiple functionalities under one roof, the tech stack used should be robust and latest. The following tech stack is most commonly used for development.

Languages – Java, Swift, JRuby, Kotlin

Frameworks/Tools – Kafka, Spring, Rails

Analytics – Google Analytics, Mixpanel

Step 4 – Choose A Tech Partner For Developing The App

Most importantly, choose a reliable tech partner in order to deliver the multi-delivery app suitable for your business requirements. Once framed the app idea, discuss it with the company you have chosen and get it crafted. It is the stage where you ought to concentrate on intuitive design. The app would get a better reach when the user interface is appealing and enables the users to navigate through various services/features without hassles. 

Step 5 – Testing And Deploying The Fully Functional App

The final stage is ensuring the multi-delivery app is free of any bugs and issues. If found any, sort those out and deploy the app on the chosen platforms. Now, the end-users can access the app and avail of services at an instant. Gathering feedback will aid you in improvising the app’s performance. Nevertheless, you should not forget about performing marketing strategies to promote the app.

How Can You Generate Revenue From a Multi-Delivery App?

A multi-delivery app is capable of generating a steady stream of revenue with the implementation of the following monetization strategies.

  • A Small Fee From Customers

Whenever the customers avail of services via the app, they have to pay a certain amount of the minimal fee apart from the service charges. It seems to be a constant way to have substantial revenue.

  • Business Commission Fees From Service Providers

A multi-delivery app supports the collaboration of various service providers. In this, whenever the service provider receives the requests and renders the service, the platform owner can charge a certain percentage of the commission charges. That is, you can deduct the commission fees and transfer the remaining amount to the providers.

  • Delivery Commission Charges From Delivery Personnel

The delivery personnel can take multiple orders at the same time. When they deliver the order and fulfill the customers’ requests, they need to pay a specific percentage of the amount.

How Much Will It Cost For A Multi-Delivery App Development?

It is impossible to determine the exact cost for multi-delivery app development without knowing the app requirements. It varies depending on the individuals. Significantly, it relies on various factors. Here’s a list of key factors that will impact the cost of developing a multi-delivery app. 

  • App’s functionality 
  • UI/UX design
  • Third-party integrations
  • A region where the company resides

Precisely saying, approach the app development company to know the exact pricing for developing the on-demand multi-service app.

Concluding Words

Have you ever wondered about how successful Gojek is? The reason behind it is how the app functions as anyone can avail of different services effortlessly. The immense demand for super apps and eye-witnessing the existing successful model prompts newbie entrepreneurs to leap into the on-demand sector. Are you one among these? Utilize a multi-delivery app solution and launch the Gojek Clone to hit the ever-thriving market.

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