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Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings: Ring Etiquettes To Know

When your partner gives you an engagement ring, then it is really an amazing and happy moment for you. But how an engagement ring is different from a wedding ring? If you love to keep your engagement ring, then you have to coordinate the wedding bad for matching purposes. Well, you can simply wear your engagement ring even after getting married. But some people want to wear both. Here, in this article, we will find the answer to the engagement ring vs. wedding ring etiquette questions.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring


Usually, the traditional engagement rings have one bug stone that either stands alone or is surrounded by other stones. The engagement ring is given for proposing partner for marriage or during the engagement ceremony.  

On the other hand, the wedding ring is a traditional plain metal band or eternity band topped by a layer of small diamonds. The wedding ring is received when you exchange vows with your partner.


The engagement ring is significantly different from the wedding ring in terms of price, even if the wedding ring has diamonds or other gemstones. The total carat weight of the wedding ring is usually less as compared to the engagement ring. Also, the price of the ring depends on the design and metal used. The silver rings are quite affordable than other metals and scintillating as well. 

Now, the trends are changing and you can through the traditions out of the window. The modern brides are choosing their ring designs. They are not just parting with tradition, but they are choosing the entirely unique style and design of the engagement ring.  

How To Wear Your Wedding And Engagement Rings

Usually, you have to wear the engagement ring and wedding ring together. You have to wear both rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. When it comes to stacking the two rings, then according to the tradition you have to wear the wedding bands inside the engagement rings. Nowadays, some brides prefer to wear the engagement ring on one hand and the wedding ring on the other. But they do so when the two rings are completely different from one another and they cannot be stacked.

Right Time To Purchase Wedding Bands

Most couples choose the wedding bands at least two months before the wedding. When you have already placed the order for your ring, then it is not possible to change your plans at the last minute. The best way to purchase the right wedding band is to wear your engagement ring for a few months and make a list of your choices. With time, your preferences may change and that’s the way you should use your engagement ring on a trial basis. It will give you a good idea that what kind of ring you want on your wedding day.

Do You Need Both?

Wearing both rings or not is totally based on personal choices and preferences. If you love the traditional look, then you should wear both. Whether you have a plain metal band or pavé diamonds wedding band, the wedding ring pairing with the engagement ring is amazing and timeless.  

If you want to wear only one, then it is your choice. And, it is totally fine if you want to wear one ring which symbolized you are engaged or married. Some of the top reasons that some brides prefer to wear only one ring are described below:

  • Wearing only one ring is quite comfortable and less fussy compare to wearing both an engagement and wedding ring in your hands. Even a single ring looks absolutely stunning and beautiful.
  • The bride has to worry about only one ring. The wedding rings and engagement rings are very precious. Therefore, it is quite obvious to be scared of losing them. By wearing only one ring, then there will be one less ring to have to worry about.
  • You do not need to worry about perfectly matching your wedding ring with the engagement ring. Sometimes, it is quite tricky to pair your wedding band with the engagement ring, especially if these two are not purchased as a set.
  • The money you want to invest in two different rings can be used to buy one stunning beautiful ring. You can purchase a standout ring and wear it for your whole life.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the design of the engagement ring or wedding ring, then there is no wrong or right answer. You can wear one, two, three or many more as per your choice. But make sure that the ring you have selected to symbolize your love should be appealing, unique, and comfortable to wear all the time. After all, it is showing your love, commitment, and lifelong relationship.