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The 15 men’s fashion blogs to follow!

Are you looking for men’s fashion blog, stylish websites that talk about fashion, sneakers, watches, or even beards? We have put together our best addresses for men’s sites for you, and there is something for everyone (branded clothing)!


TOP 15 men’s fashion blogs


1)Like a truck

We start with the mastodon of men’s fashion blogs! We have named… Like a Truck! Created in 2004 by Joe (emblematic figure of the site), it the first fashion blog dedicate to men in France at the time. And if time has passed, it has been able to evolve and be part of the long term while keeping its DNA.

Like Truck deals with topics such as fashion, sports, seduction, and beauty with brand tests, reviews, and a forum for its community. This blog is a safe bet if you want to get a reliable opinion on a brand if you want to discover new designers or better understand men’s fashion.


Emblematic magazine of the male universe, GQ is the equivalent of Vogue for women. The magazine started out in print and then went digital, to our delight!

It’s the perfect site for getting the latest fashion news, having fun and finding out about upcoming trends.

3)Good mouth

Created in 2007, Bonne gueule is an independent blog that has become a benchmark in men’s fashion. The blog has established itself thanks to its community and its forum where everyone can share their advice and good tips.

And if you are not an avid reader, Bonne gueule also offers a multitude of podcasts to advise you on fashion.

4)Edgard The Elegant

You will find on the blog ideas of looks for men, product tests and the latest nuggets that we have unearthed, but also advice on beard, seduction, lifestyle and gentleman.

All in a light tone that mixes humor and advice without taking itself seriously. Halfway between Like a Truck and HypeBeast.

But not only ! Edgard has also launched his own brand of Edgard Paris t-shirts , with a collection dedicated to dandies , quality t-shirts, embroidered and made in France.


5)Maurice Style

Definitely the most designer blog, Maurice Style has been offering his well-thought-out vision of men’s fashion for 4 years now. The blog is divide between stylistic advice, brand reviews that are worth a look, and inspirations of looks to copy urgently!

6)Hype Beast

One of our favorite blogs! Hype Beast has brilliantly combined the streetwear universe and the high end. The blog talks about art in all its forms, fashion, music, art, design. It is part of this revolution that is underway and in which we are engaging, which seeks to break the codes and give a new look to fashion and style.

Whether you are an amateur or experience, you will find on this blog all the nuggets that will make the fashion of tomorrow.

7) The sneaker website

Site specializing in sneakers, it is THE blog par excellence to find out the release dates of the best models, understand the history of each sneaker and discover the collab to come.

By following this blog, be sure to enter the game of addicting sneakers and have an (almost) unique pair that only real people will recognize!


Under its somewhat dusty air, this blog is a gold mine in terms of knowledge about the male wardrobe.

Founded in 2009 by Julien Scavini, a Parisian tailor, Stiff Collar is a must if you want to understand everything about costumes and street clothes. A sort of 3-piece Wikipedia. Most ? Small illustrations, which allow you to understand the technical aspects of each subject.

9)The Trendy Man

Blog historically oriented on the beard, he has (since) widened the subjects he dealt with to also talk to us about fashion and all the subjects which directly or indirectly concern men.

If you are looking for great shopping tips and good addresses in Paris, this blog could please you!

10)The dressers

Are you passionate about watches? This blog is a rare find for discovering collector or vintage watches. Learn the vocabulary of watchmaking, learn to recognize a quality watch, discover new brands and revisit old models!


BW-YW, in other words, Be what you wear! A philosophy that well transcribes on this fashion blog which has an original way of approaching fashion in two stages. You will find 2 sections: one per level and one per style. Are you a beginner, are you confirm or are you above all workwear? Discover all the advice of the blog through its categories.

12)Upper West Guys

This is the story of 2 friends Math and Carlos, both from Bordeaux, who went to the capital and who share their daily tips on their blog in terms of fashion, travel, food, music. Their style? Streetwear! Good ideas of inspiration for dressing thanks to their look section.

13)Eternal Paris

This men’s fashion blog has it all with its thoughtful articles and its desire to support men both in front of their dressing room and in their bathroom. Eternal offers you news and tips on men’s fashion and lifestyle. Little more, Eternal makes you a selection of the favorite pieces which he selects on his e-shop!


GuideLook is a mixed fashion and lifestyle blog that offers articles of all kinds with the basics of clothing. A light tone, good tips and tests of fashion and skincare products for men and women. The blog also shares its good clothing tips to help its community discover pretty brands!

15)Hero Paris

Heirama entertains us for an article with his blog Hero Paris with a strong visual identity and his tickets always accompanied by his signature, an illustration. This Tahitian who has taken up residence in Paris, shares all his tips, ideas and good plans with us in all simplicity and on various subjects such as fashion, sport but also cooking and even going out.

Did you like our selection? Let us know ! And if you have other good addresses, share them with us! We are takers!

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