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Find Out Everything About Best Gantt Chart Features, Reviews, Demo, and More!

About Gantt Chart

Gantt has a long history and can date back to the 19th century to Polish engineer Karol Adamiecki who invented the concept for the charting software which helped to run steelworks. However, it was 15 years after its inception that Henry Gantt revised the strategy. And that is how it is remembered today. Before it became automated, people had to create Gantt charts by hand. These tasks took a lot of time to complete and could be very odious. However, now Gantt is a fully automated software that can easily be used on your computer. And help you improve everything within seconds. In this piece, we will be talking extensively about Gantt chart software. And how this software might be the right fit for you and your needs. 

Gantt Chart Features 


The scheduling feature in Gantt is one of its crowning jewels. The feature lets all team members look at each other’s schedules so everyone knows who is busy when. This helps to create schedules that are synthesized and no one is double-booked for a meet, brainstorming session, or anything else. Being able to keep your schedule straight. And easily accessible, as well as having a grip on your teams’ schedule is very important. All in all, this helps you make things simpler since you do not have to wait on a team member to tell you whether or not they are free. But you can simply look at their schedules and then take it from there. 


The next feature in Gantt chart software that we want to talk to you about is the communication feature. This helps you be more efficient as a business. Because with the Gantt communication feature your employees can communicate with one another and with you as well. This helps you have immediate communication with one another within your business. And get responses to your questions without having to worry. Typically in a business, the mode of communication everyone uses is email. But it can take a while to get a reply. However, with this feature in Gantt chart software, you are easily able to do so. 


Gantt chart software has a number of great features which make it such a wonderful software to use one of them being how flexible it is. The software allows you to edit dates and tasks immediately. As the circumstances of your work change, you can make edits along with it and not face any issues. The ability to change things within your software are very important. Having software that can adapt to changes is very important since not all things remain constant and can change. This is why we suggest that you really focus on this feature and whatever it has to offer you. 

Use of Time

Gantt chart software also has a feature that helps you use your time for better. This feature helps you complete tasks within whatever timeframe you might have thought of for it. The feature allows you to set deadlines and thus helps you keep up with time. The feature greatly helps in making sure there are no lags when it comes to working. This helps you to become more efficient and set strict timelines which need to be abided by your team members and make you a much more successful business overall!

Gantt Chart Pricing 

Gantt chart software pricing depends on which version of the software you want to get. However, the cheapest version of the software starts at $29.99 and only goes up depending on which features you want in your software. 

Gantt Chart Reviews

There are a lot of reviews for Gantt chart software available online. This software is well-liked by a lot of users. The software has a number of features which we mentioned earlier in this piece which a lot of users praise especially the scheduling feature as well as the flexibility you can exercise with this software too! 

Gantt Chart Demo 

If you are wondering whether or not Gantt would be the right fit for you then we suggest asking for a Gantt chart software demo from the vendor. Gantt typically provides prospective users with a free demo as well as a free trial for the software. This helps you make things easier and helps you make a decision about the software based on first-hand experience with it. A software trial will help you figure out what everything is about. 

Is Gantt Chart Software Worth it?

If you are wondering whether or not you should take the plunge and invest in Gantt chart software then perhaps we can help you out. We suggest that you ask the vendor for a trial of the software to see firsthand what its features are like. We also suggest that you make a list of all the favorable features you would want in a charting software and then compare that list to the features available in this software. If all or perhaps most features are found in this software, then we suggest that you give it a shot. Another great idea is that you look at your budget for what software for charting needs should cost and then consider whether Gantt would fit within that budget. All in all, we are sure whatever decision you come to about Gantt, will be the right one!