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Globally Accepted Land Measurement Units in India

The land measurement units vary across regions in India. To maintain parity between the units, one must utilise an area conversion calculator. This calculator converts one unit of measurement to another, which helps real estate investors while buying or selling a property.

Here is a list of land measurement units used in India

  • Square feet

As per Real Estate Regulatory Authority, this is the standard benchmark unit widely used in India. With a land measurement units calculator, one can convert square feet to square metres. As per the calculator, 1 square foot equals 0.0990304 square metres. On converting to metres, the value comes to 0.3048 metres.

Therefore, for a room measuring 15ftx15ft, its area will be 225 square feet, which can be easily converted to square metres with the help of a calculator.

  • Square yards

A square yard is the area of a square with 1 yard (3 foot) sides. This unit is commonly used in UK, USA and Canada. However, this unit has been replaced by a square metre in India.

  • Square metre

Similar to square feet, this is another popular unit used in India. An area of a square with sides measuring 1 metre is termed a square metre. Also, this is the unit of area abbreviated as m2. A land area converter calculator can convert 1 square metre to 10.76 square feet in seconds.

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Use of Hectare and Acre

  • Hectare

An area conversion calculator converts large units like hectares to bigha, square feet, square metres etc.  One can use this unit to measure large lands like forests, agricultural plots, and the likes. Further, landowners must know that 1 hectare equals 100 acres and 10,000 square metres. This conversion will allow them to simplify calculations.

Additionally, borrowers searching for the things to know before applying for a loan against property must not forget to go through the conversion details of these land measurement units.

  • Acre

To measure agricultural plots in India, individuals use this unit. One acre is equivalent to 4840 square yards or 0.405 hectares. Also, 640 acres equals 1 mile.

By using a land unit converter, one can evaluate property size effortlessly. It converts land measuring in acres to square metres, square feet and more.

Regional units for land measurement

  1. Guntha: For measuring plots in Northern India, individuals use guntha or gunta. The area conversion calculator converts this unit to standard units like acre and square feet. However, property owners must know the basic conversion details like 40 guntha = 1 acre and 1 guntha = 1089 sq. ft.
  2. Ground: This unit is commonly used in realty sectors. Realtors must know that 1 ground is equivalent to 203 sq. m. This information allows them to perform basic calculations with ease. However, for more complicated conversions, one must use a calculator.
  3. Biswa: Widely used in North India, biswa is a unit without any standard size throughout the country. For instance, in Uttar Pradesh, 1 bigha is equal to 10 kaccha biswa and 10 puccas biswa. Further, borrowers in this region must know about the types of loans against property available along with the land measurement units.
  4. Kanal: Another commonly used unit in Northern India is the kanal. Generally, one kanal makes 1/8th of an acre or 4500 square feet or 605 sq. yd.

Therefore, these are the globally acclaimed units for measuring land one must know about before buying or selling a plot. Further, the loan application process becomes hassle-free if one understands these units and uses an area conversion calculator to convert them.