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Google Coding Interview Preparation Best Tips

How difficult is the Google coding interview? Are these tough questions really a test of your abilities? As is commonly acknowledged, the Google coding interview is on the top of the difficulty list. However, once you understand the thinking behind the coding interviews, you will know better about how to succeed in passing them from AlgoMonster

What does Google expect from the interviewees in a coding interview? 

Before you start to prepare for a Google interview, you’d better understand what Google is looking for in its candidate. 

Google coding interview difficulty

l. Googleyness

Googleyness is all about its company culture. Knowing the company you want to work in is what the company expects. Google is a company that values talents. They care about inclusion and improving human lives while still remaining ethical. Google is famous for its small teams and laidback atmosphere. Working in such an environment boosts people’s creativity, innovation, and encourages open communication.

2. Cognitive capability

Your preparedness to learn, problem-solving skills, abstract thinking ability, and curiosity are all part of general cognitive ability. Google is looking for intelligent and gifted programmers. Those who are able to think in complex ways about themselves, their team, and their projects are what Google wants. Google gives a lot of things for our benefit like job vacancies, informational knowledge, fun, and other information, such as google tricks i m feeling curious.

3. Leadership techniques

Leader ability is essential. Google aims for the gifted who possess emergent leadership abilities. And Google defines leadership as the capability to handle complex issues while maintaining ethics and safety. Google is also seeking talents who can help others organize themselves, promoting open communication.

4. Technical skills

Undoubtedly, Google hires the most skilled coders. That’s what a coding interview is primarily about. They focus primarily on conceptual understanding and not memorization. They estimate a candidate’s coding skills on subjects such as data structures, algorithms, and so on.

The process of a Google tech interview

There are generally 3 steps to get ready for the tech interview. 

what's Google coding interview like

1. Preparation before the interview:

  • Make a plan.

Months of preparation is a lengthy period. Make yourself a practical plan and stick to it. Your preparation should include everything about Google. Try to practice the languages Google prefers as much as possible. For instance, C++ or Python is a good option.

  • Polish your CV.

Highlight your strength to get the employer’s attention. You may only have seconds to leave a deep impression on the recruiter. A poorly-crafted CV may stop you in front of the interviewer’s door.

2. Prescreen with Google recruiter:

On Google Hangouts, the phone screen for about three quarters to an hour. During this period, Google interviewers are most likely to check your abilities on algorithms and data structures. You must be able to solve the problems within half an hour using Google Docs. Always seek optimized solutions if you finish early. 

3. On-site interviews:

Being invited to the on-site process means you’ve passed the prescreen step. Each of the 4 to 6 recruiters will meet with you for further interviews. The on-site step will mainly focus on algorithms, data structures, and coding. You’re supposed to cod on a whiteboard, in most cases.

Preparation tips for a Google coding interview

Google coding interviews are actually really tough. The questions are very specific to Google and deal with a wide assortment of different topics. The best news is this: the right preparation can really make a huge difference. Below, I will share with you some preparation tips that will help you ace the coding interview.

Data structure and algorithm problems

Most interview questions at Google revolve around data structures and algorithms. To do well at Google you need to demonstrate to Google that you know how to design and analyze problems related to data structures and algorithm issues. One of the best ways to prepare for Google coding interviews is to learn about data structures and the algorithms used by programmers. You can find out much more information on this topic by reading books about the subject or by watching videos about the subject.

1.Simulated coding interview tests will be perfect practice

Another great way to prepare for Google coding interviews is to take a simulated exam. This will help you understand what the real Google algorithms are, as well as get a feel for the type of questions that are asked in the Google interviews. 

You can find plenty of mock coding interviews on the internet. Well, you can simply Google problems that are typically asked on the Google coding interview. These mock coding interviews will help you prepare for the types of questions that are likely to be asked on Google coding reviews.

2.Highlight your strength to boom your confidence

You can use a combination of both mock interviews and Google tests to improve your preparedness for the Google coding review. Start practicing for the Google interview by practicing your skills using practice tests and practice code review. Continue to work on your edge cases and the areas of the Google interview process that you feel the most comfortable with. This will help you gain confidence in your abilities and give you a chance to build your confidence before the coding interview.

3.Knowing as many programming languages as possible is preferred for a coding interview

The next thing to understand is that your understanding of various programming languages will help you prepare for Google coding interviews. You should have a good understanding of the different syntaxes of various programming languages. 

In particular, you should be familiar with the syntax of JavaScript, Python, C++, Perl, and Java. Be aware that these are not the only programming languages that people use today. Familiarizing yourself with a variety of different languages will help you to show an understanding of the coding techniques.

Remember: Except knowing as many as possible, mastering the programming language you prefer is what counts in the end. To rock your Google coding interview, your mastery of a chosen programming language is the key.  

4.Practice in front of your friends before the tech interview

Finally, practice in front of a friendly interviewer. During the coding interview, the interviewer may ask you to do a simulation or simple problem-solving exercise. By preparing in front of your friend or relative, you will be able to spend the limited amount of time that you have with the interviewer before the interview ends. This will help you to be more prepared for the actual coding interview, especially the time complexity question.


For most programmers or software developers, it’s their dream to pass the Google coding interview. This interview is like the ultimate test their your technical skills. It’s vital to get yourself ready before you rock the interview