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Guide to hanging the dress properly before the wedding

You fell in love with a pristine white gown and were finally able to buy it after much consideration. Soon, the gown was altered to your measurements and you took it home. It will likely be staying at your place for a while before you can finally wear it on your special day. But storing it well until the big day is easier said than done.

White wedding gowns with their heavy embellishments and intricate designs are susceptible to all kinds of damage – be it in the form of details coming loose, invisible stains from body oils and deodorants, or yellowing of the fabric. This is why you need to follow careful wedding dress preservation until your big day.

The need for careful wedding dress preservation

After trying on a number of gowns from various stores, you finally found the perfect wedding gown. But despite your eagerness to walk down the aisle, you’ve still got some time, probably a few months, before the wedding day. This is the time when you need to be extra cautious with the gown and protect it from stains, tears, and creases.

In this post, we’d discuss a few tips on how you can hang the gown properly.

Tips on hanging the gown properly before the wedding

  • Gowns made from lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and lace, can be hung up. Use a sturdy hanger – one that’s devoid of rough edges. Such a hanger should have hooks to accommodate the hanger’s garment loops. Some fabrics are far too fragile to be put on a hanger. In fact, if hanged incorrectly, it may stretch the fabric and damage the integrity of the dress.
  • Place the wedding gown inside a fabric garment bag. If you don’t have one or it wasn’t supplied with the dress, you can come up with a makeshift one with a spare white bed sheet.
  • Bridal dresses are delicate and pristine and thus, even the smallest dust or dirt would stick out as an eyesore. So, the first rule of wedding dress preservation is to always hang the dress away from the reach of pets.
  • If the wedding gown is extremely heavy due to the layers of fabric, beading, and other accessories, you shouldn’t hang the dress. In such cases, you should instead choose to lay the gown flat. The embellishments put unnecessary pressure on the shoulder straps when hanged from a hanger.
  • Once you’ve found the right room to hang your wedding gown, make sure that the windows and doors are locked, so that the gown isn’t hit with direct sunlight. Moreover, keeping the windows shit would prevent the gown from outside elements such as dirt and dust. You can leave a note on the door of the room reminding people in your home about the gown being in the room inside. Try to keep activity in the room to a minimum. Also, make sure that the temperature is properly controlled – that it is neither too hot, nor too cold.
  • Avoid storing your bridal gown in the attic or in the cellar as such places are either too damp or too warm. Dampness and warmth can lead to the growth of mildew and may even turn the gown yellow.
  • Lastly, if you aren’t too sure or confident about hanging the wedding dress on your own, you can rope in the services of a local wedding dress preservation company and have the same done by the professionals for a small fee.

Key takeaway

Let us know your thoughts about wedding gown preservation and how you plan on storing your wedding gown before the big day. Have you decided to opt for professional and reliable help? Are you opting for a fabric garment bag or are you going for an archival box – ones used in museums? Also, let us know why you prefer one over the other. Feel free to comment below.

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