Here is Why You Should Try Inflatable Domes at Your Next Party

Party lovers and event planners usually keep looking for innovative ways to get the attention of guests and friends with something memorable, fun, and innately exciting. However, they don’t plan to come up with abstract ideas; in fact, they look for ways to boost the overall tone and vibe of the party by inducing practical and reliable things, such as the event dome rentals

If you haven’t heard about inflatable and portable domes before, you are in for a new treat. These domes are an excellent way to blend the elements of realism with the unexpected. Event domes are an excellent way to make any party stand out and generate a memorable event for the guests. 

Usually, the structure and framework of event dome rentals are semi-permanent. The portability of dome rentals can transform any outdoor location into a unique and memorable enclosed environment. Inside the dome, the hosts and even organizers can generate the most unforgettable experience for the party attendees. 

If you are still confused about what event domes are about, read on to learn more:

A Futuristic Appearance

Depending on the size and dome type, you can have more than 3000 video projections inside the enclosed area. You shouldn’t think of domes as tents as these don’t require poles to stabilize the ceiling. The domes are perfect for dance events, trade shows, art exhibitions, performances, etc. 

The most appealing part of this type of futuristic space includes an amazing video-audio experience, mesmerizing lighting, and eye-catching dynamics. The kind of buzz you experience inside this unique indoor space is hard to find anywhere else. 

What is the Working Mechanism of Inflatable Domes?

Usually, the skin of the inflatable domes is made of a very thick layer of vinyl, which is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of rip and tear. The inflatable domes incorporate industrial blowers for a steady air push to keep the dome inflated. The slightly elevated air pressure inside the dome keeps the entire structure upright. 

Depending on the event, the flooring and decking materials are assembled and set up. After the dome’s foundation is ready, the domes, which resemble giant balloons, are set up and inflated. Since the entire set-up of the dome is a week-long (or two-weeks long) process, party organizers need to plan and contact the professional team at least a month before the event.

What Can You Do Inside a Dome?

The semi-permanent installation of the inflatable domes also incorporates the ideal heating and cooling systems, allowing the guests to be as comfortable as possible. Inside the enclosed space, the dome can be arranged in any way required. 

For instance, you might want to have sitting arrangements, dance floors, exhibition desks and booths, and even a performance stage and mini bar, if you like. Depending on the nature of the event and the number of guests, domes of different sizes can be arranged.

Final Thoughts

If you are eager to host a party and generate a different experience for your guests, the inflatable dome is the perfect space for you, especially if you are looking for something big and bold.