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Here’s Why Building Career with a Sarkari jobs still Attracts Job Seekers

A while back, every other job seeker wanted to work for a multinational company, but times have changed now. Undoubtedly, the private sector has grown multifold in the last few decades, but so has the craze for government jobs in India. For example, one of the most reputed government exams in the country, UPSC has the same number of applicants as that of an MBA exam. That said, the government sector has a lot of scope for people who are looking for stability in their job. Besides, there are several other multitudes of profiles you can apply for based on your field of interest and as per your qualification.

Another factor to consider over here are the government policies like Make in India. In the coming times, the government sector will be rising, and this will give millennials a perfect chance to serve the country. For those who still are confused between Sarkari jobs and private sector jobs, these are the following reasons why the former receives so much traction. 

It is where the jobs are (in numbers):

As per the NDA’s vision, Transformation India released a report saying, over 175 million new jobs will be created by 2032 if the economy grows by 10%. And if it grows by 7%, there will be 115 million more jobs in the government sector. Take the banking sector for example. The Indian public sector banks hold 75% of the total assets of the banking industry. Private or foreign banks hold only 18% and 6% respectively. 

There are endless options you can choose from:

People from all educational backgrounds can apply for various positions in the government sector. Regardless of whether you are an engineer or a commerce graduate, you can work in the Sarkari Naukri sector. There are multiple options to choose from like BEL, BHEL, GAIL, etc. There are jobs in the central government like IAS, IFS, IPS, etc., that you can apply for. Even if you aspire to serve the defense forces of the country, the government sector provides you with an array of options. 

Competitive compensation:

Since the introduction of the 7th pay commission, the pay scale for Sarkari job is at par with the private counterpart. In addition to the monetary benefits, Sarkari Naukri in Rajasthan also comes with general facilities like health benefits, after retirement pension.

Job security:

This is, by far, the best advantage of a sarkari job over a private one. Government jobs are not affected by poor economy. There is very little chance that a government employee will ever lose their job unless they retire. Employees have a fixed income during the entire term and the job security is also retained till the end.  

Wrapping Up:

Reputation and societal status: People having Sarkari jobs are always treated with respect and power. Most people in the public sector are excellent in their functional knowledge and well-trained in several operations like banking, forex, treasury, etc. It means they can take up various positions in private bodies also.