How Instagram Video Ads Help Gain More Engagement?

The Internet world is amazing. Here everyone gets equal chances, features, and tools, still only a few are successful. There are many brands on the internet. They keep on posting but face void. They are unsuccessful in gaining attention and reach. This is a sad truth, but it is fact for many brands. Have you ever assumed about why it is so?

Why Brands fail online?

Internet is a very crowded place because every human living on earth can use it. Instagram alone is having active users in billions. The story feature of Instagram is used by more than five hundred million users. Now, it is easy to understand why it is hard to get organic reach. So is the fun of enjoying popularity through the internet is over? No, it is not over and will never get over. Instead more and more convenient things will be added to it. To become successful in platforms like Connect App, Facebook and Instagram you just have to take advantage of everything you are offered. Use creativity, expert help, platforms tools, etc., than just creating organ posts. You must have a strategy and use all the tools of platforms. Instagram is having video ads that are beneficial for brands.

There are two techniques to do everything in the right way. One hire the professionals, second learn to do it yourself.

Instagram, Video Ads

If you are creative there is an abundance of features accessible with social media platforms and the internet to grow. Instagram ads are one great feature. This can help you expand your brand. As compared to the carousel or static ads you can create an impressive and appealing brand proposition. You can do this on your own. Using this feature you can attract your targeted audience. You can take as much time and space you need. You can imagine like your audience and see what they desire. You can use an enticing message. You can make an ad based on how to use your product. What benefits it will deliver etc. to add more spice to it you can use a gamification strategy. Gamification’s marketing strategy is winning the hearts of the consumers.

Use gamification to attract audience

There are many ways by which you can gain the attention of your audience. However, it is tough in 2021 because people are bored. Gamification is the new technique to increase consumer engagement. When you offer a reward, coupon, or any other money-saving deal you attract more people towards your brand. Gamification marketing strategy is purely successful and it also improves your ad campaign results. You can promote your video advertisements anywhere either in stories or feeds. They will just need different ad sizes. Instagram video specification includes

  • 4GB should be the maximum size of your ad
  • Resolution must be 600X600 square resolutions and maximum it should be 1080X1080
  • The duration of a video should be between 3-60 seconds
  • Aspect ratio of a video can be 1:1 or 1.9:1

Why your brand needs Instagram video ads?

Every expert is pushing brands to gain maximum attention using this feature. The platform itself is pushing the limits. Instagram video ads duration can be from thirty seconds to a minute. No matter big or small video ads have their impact. According to the surveys, video ads are loved by many. Mentally it is easy to process video content and it’s also more engaging. Surveys show that people spend many hours watch videos on Connect App, Facebook and this time is increasing.

People like videos over text and brands can take full advantage of this technology. When you use video ads on Instagram they have more engagement factor. This factor separates it from other platform features. These ads are not intrusive similar to in-stream ads. It is also difficult to scroll and pass them like statics videos. This way your brand will naturally get noticed without forcing your audiences.

How to create impactful video ad?

When you will have a good and meaningful ad it is surely going to gain attention. You will also start making money from it. Here are few tips that will help you create engaging Instagram video ads Gamification instantly catches the attention of the customers. It brings more engagement and can be used with other strategies. The first few seconds are crucial because people scroll quickly if things are not interesting. In first few seconds your message should be compelling. Picture, music, content of the video everything should have a great hook.

Adequate text power

You cannot rely on your ad development and captions too much because the default of Instagram is muted. There are dynamic text effects available which you must choose. Highlight major points using appealing texts so that your ad does not get skipped. Balance the amount of text because both high and low levels of mixture may affect. Use text depending upon the visuals and duration.

Identity Issues and solve them

You must know how your service and product can help people. You must know what exactly they need of your customers is so that you can deliver them with solution. When you use emotional content in the ad it creates a bond. Do not focus just on value you offer, but start with the customer’s issues. Then present your service as a solution.

Not to look like an advertisement

People connect with visual messages which are genuine. People are skeptical about what they see on their screens. Many ad campaigns have gone wrong so make sure that your ad has a natural feel. Today you might have noticed more and more inspirational ads are being crafted. These ads have a powerful impact. Do not only focus on selling, use any message and inspire others.

Final Verdict

The advertisement front will be ruled only by dynamic ad formats in 2021. We live in a world where billboards have taken place of holograms. You will need more power for your ads now. There is a huge competition so be wise and use technology against technology to win your competition.