How to Choose University in UK

How To Choose The Right University For Yourself In UK?

Study in the UK is one of the best options for students who want to pursue higher education abroad. The facilities at the UK Universities, such as living cost, cultural variation and educational standards, attract a huge mass of students worldwide each year. Some students don’t know how to select the right University in the UK. The selection of the right University and right degree program is a difficult task. Hence, this article will help you select the right University in the UK while sitting in your drawing room.

The UK higher education programs is an appealing educational activity for the student all around the world. About 200,000 global students each year select the UK Universities for their higher education. The most visited universities in the UK are the universities of London and England. The students who want to get admission to the UK universities must look at the list of top ten universities of London.

Top 10 Universities of London
Imperial College LondonCity, University of London
University College London (UCL)Birkbeck, University of London
King’s College of LondonRoyal Holloway University of London
The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)Burnel University of London
Queen marry UniversitySOAS University of London

According to a report, there are about 164 Universities and Higher education institutes in the UK. These 164 educational institutes are offering more than 30,000 courses for Graduate and undergraduate students. So, the first step in starting your international studies journey is the selection of the right University. Likewise, after selecting an appropriate university, your next step will be selecting the course you want to pursue.

Guide of selecting a Right University in the UK

Specialised Institutes

In the UK, many Universities are famous for their expertise in a few subjects. The subjects Specialisation include;

  • Art and Design
    • Mass and communication
    • Economics
    • Business and Management
    • Science and Humanities

The first thing that will affect the selection of the right University is your area of interest. Search for the reputation of the University, then match the expertise of the University with your area of interest. If the Specialisation of the University matches your area of interest, then select that one. In such universities, you will get a chance to learn from highly focused and specialised students and teaching staff.

Search engines

Fortunately, if you are willing to go to the UK university for your higher education, then these days there are many search engines available that may help you to do so; like, Discover Uni, an official website to know about different course databases in UK universities. On this website, you can do the following activities

  • Compare UK Universities
  • Test Mode of study
  • Get teaching feedback
  • Navigate the location of the University

According to a dissertation writing service, the unique feature of this website is the ‘ key information set.’ This feature allows you to find the employment rate. After clicking the Key information set, you can also access the student’s satisfaction ratio. Other websites that can allow you to do similar tasks are;

  • QS World Universities
  • People & Planet
  • UCAS
  • The Guardian
  • Times Higher Education
  • Association of Colleges

On University official websites, you should study the following things to get an idea of its reputation.

  • Read previous students success stories
  • Go through the student’s Blogs
  • Overview of the curricular activities of the institute
  • You can also go for live chats with the current students of the University

Navigate the location of the University

I hope the above section will help you find a University that will give you a chance to pursue higher education. After the selection of University according to the area of Specialisation, the location of the University is also essential. Before applying to any University, the students must know the location of the University. As a student, you should gather knowledge about the housing facilities of the University.

The selection of University campus and location depends on students’ preferences. It’s up to you whether you want to study in the UK Urban or Rural area? Some renowned areas in the UK are;

  • England
  • London
  • Wales
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Glasgow

Important points that may help you to select the location of the UK university

The following thing will help you to select the location of your future University

  • Job opportunities near the campus
  • Number of population of the city
  • Study environment
  • Boarding facilities
  • Digital or on-campus library
  • Activities you can pursue on the campus
  • Transportation facilities
  • Weather fluctuations
  • Building design
  • Locality

Type of Universities

In selecting the right University for you in the UK, information about types of Universities is also essential. In this section, we will divide the UK universities according to age and size. If you want to select a small or large scale university, then you should keep the following things in your mind;

  • You can deal with specialised persons only in small universities
  • Few courses are available at small Universities
  • In small universities, the chances of participating in international events are low
  • After getting admission to the small UK University, you will have limited access to Clubs and societies.
  • Large British Universities provide you with a chance to meet with many international students gathered at one place. You will learn about different cultures. You will have a greater chance to explore the world while staying in one place.
  • You will have all those facilities in large universities that you cannot get in a small university.

Like, college size, the age of the University is another thing that can govern your university selection decision. You can select an ancient University such as St Andrews and Oxford if you like their history. You can also go to Modern institutions such as Harper Adams if you adopt the Modern teaching trends. The history of the University represents its teaching styles and courses.

I hope this detailed note on selecting the Right University in the UK for your future studies will redirect your path. Best of luck.