How to Create an Interactive Video Quiz in just some Minutes

With Cinema8, any video can be turned into an easy-to-share video quiz in minutes. Consumers love to share and test their knowledge, so a video quiz can be a very engaging content experience.

Cinema8 allows you to ask any number of questions during the video, including multiple-choice questions, scrolling questions, and free-response and even drawings, voice or video responses.

So how do you get started?

If you haven’t already, create an account on Cinema8 in seconds.

Choose how you want to add your video to Cinema8. We make it easy. You can upload videos directly to Cinema8 (which works best with MP4 files), use links from YouTube, Vimeo Pro, JWPlayer, Wistia and Kaltura or insert direct links to a video stored on Dropbox, AWS or Microsoft OneDrive.

After you upload your video, you can change the design of the buttons that will appear in your questions. Click on the “Design” button (see below), then “Button Styles”.

You can also play with the question backgrounds and transparency under Question Styles.

Now that you have customized the video interactions a bit, you can add questions.

By clicking on the “Add Question” interaction below your video, you can add one or more questions whenever you want to pause and interact with your viewer.

For quizzes with correct or incorrect answers and a score, you can add multiple choice or drop down questions to the video and indicate which answer is correct. If you wish, you can simply follow the answer and continue, or you can use your viewer’s click to open a link, display a message, show an image, or perform a series of other actions.

If you create multiple questions at once, they form a question set that presents each question in turn. Questions can be skipped and have a time limit. There are many options for creating your ideal quiz.

Finally, if you want your viewers to share their results when they are done, go to the settings and select the “Show Viewer Results” option under “End Call-to-Action”, which will show viewers their correction points (X out of Y) with simple links to share on Facebook and Twitter with a link back to the website you specified.

That’s it! With a quick and engaging video quiz, you can grab viewers’ attention and get them to share your message!

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