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Books are a versatile decor that will fit into any interior: from classic to minimalism. We will tell you how to correctly “settle” books in the interior and arrange them in an original way in the living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom.

Idea 1. Book shelves as a way to zone space

A studio apartment, a small room, a combined kitchen-living room – in any small space, a bookcase-lattice will divide the space into zones. For example, one bookcase isolates the kitchen from the living room or makes two from one children’s room. Such shelving does not darken the space, like drywall superstructures for zoning. And books on the shelves in the interior do not create chaos, in contrast to the scattered decor.

Idea 2. Books in the fireplace screen

A fireplace fireplace or a decorative fireplace screen is a great idea for integrating books into the interior. In addition, the furniture group loved by designers – a fireplace, armchairs and books – will equally decorate the loft and the classics.

Tip: If the spines of the editions are different, arrange the books with the edged (bottom, side or top) out. An example in the photo below.

Books in the fireplace portal in the living room

Books in the blue fireplace portal

Idea 3. Book stacks on the floor

Instead of regular wall-mounted bookshelves, stack books directly on the floor. And so that the piles do not collapse, tie them with hemp rope. Another original solution is to install the shelf close to the floor. Suitable for modern and Scandinavian interiors.

Tip: You can place a picture, a framed poster, a lamp or any other decor on stable stacks of books.

Stacks of books on the floor in the interior of the kitchen

Stacks of books on the floor

Low bookshelves in the interior

Christmas composition from stacks of books

Idea 4. Cinder blocks instead of bookshelves

In eco, minimalism, loft or scandi interiors, you can use the most common cinder blocks (building stone) for storing books. The price for such “shelves” starts at 17 rubles.

Cinder blocks instead of bookshelves in a modern interior

Idea 5. Wooden boxes for books

A budget-friendly way to assemble a large bookcase is to use wooden boxes. With the help of such an improvised material, it is easy to organize a library of any shape and at the same time give the wooden boxes a second life. A great option for children’s rooms.

Wooden boxes for books. Design example

Idea 6. Floating books in the interior

Numerous bookcases visually reduce space. The exit is invisible bookshelves that seem to float in the air.

Invisible bookshelves in the interior

Idea 7. Books under furniture

A chair, table, stool, console, etc. is a great place to fit books into even the smallest space. In this case, choose non-bulky furniture with thin legs.

Storing books under furniture design example

Idea 8. Book dummies

A casket, a flower pot and even a mini-bar can be hidden in book tricks. And not in vain, because the book decor will fit into any interior.

Book fake flower pot

Idea 9. Books instead of a headboard

You can use old books by marking the headboard with book spreads or even covers. It is better if the basis for the composition is a flat wall. This way it will last longer. The simpler option is to stack the books between the headboard and the adjacent wall.

Books instead of a headboard. Decor example

Idea 10. Book pages instead of wallpaper

You cannot name book sheets as the best way of interior decoration, but if you need to focus on a small section of the wall, the option is excellent. Book pages instead of wallpaper is a simple technique when you need to quickly hide traces of children’s creativity or traces of a flood.

Book pages instead of wallpaper on the wall

Idea 11. Books on a ladder or stepladder

Ladder and books are another traditional furniture group. Take the broken staircase from the cottage and use it instead of bookshelves in the interior. Click here


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