How To Grow Your Architecture Firm Through Marketing?

Marketing is relatively a complex form of practice, although it’s a productive activity through taking some basic steps. It is a broad spectrum of tools, however, by implying some basic concepts it can fit as per the requirement of businesses.

Perhaps, in the business of architecture, marketing is not of much importance in the field of promotion. Even those architects, who understand the need of building connections with people, often fail to estimate the potential of marketing.

Architecture business is all about communicating and persuading. So how do you plan to promote your firm if you don’t have a strategy? How are you planning to sustain a good reputation with no marketing tactics?

Therefore, marketing your services is equally imperative in the field of architecture, the same as in other fields of businesses.

AEC marketing strategy

Architecture, engineering, or construction marketing is the strategy used by these firms to promote their business. This marketing includes both the strategies, inbound and outbound. However, it can also be a combination of both.

Practices of AEC marketing strategies have shifted towards technology and digital marketing. However, traditional practices still play their role in marketing activities.

Perhaps, the concepts of AEC marketing have evolved with the passing years. Traditional methods are changing into global methods of implementing strategies.

Benefits of implementing AEC strategy

Now that we are aware of the AEC strategy concept used by architects, let’s dive into some of the benefits that marketing can bring to them.

  • Competitive advantage against other firms that do not use marketing strategies.
  • Brand awareness among existing clients and potential customers.
  • Increase in sales and profits of the firm through grabbing market share.
  • Connecting to the market helps your firm to innovate and develop according to new changes.
  • Lastly, the company will grow and boost by taking advantage of the marketing tactics to increase its value.

Marketing essentials

Perhaps, it is evident that AEC strategy is important for firms to make a market value to connect with people. Let’s discuss some essentials that can help you to understand its implementation.

1. Social media

Who is not aware of social media in today’s world? You cannot lose your chance of being connected to billions of users that are surfing on social media around the globe.

You should not underestimate the value of social media and its capability to grab you a market share. Architecture business revolves around making connections with people and creating an influence.

What could be a better choice than making a social media page on different platforms that can connect you to the audience? Having a social page should have your basic information along with services you provide,

2. Website portfolio

Most architects consider making a website for their firm simple and basic. They think that websites are to provide services, information and contact details. However, investment in a website portfolio can turn the tables for you. 

A good website can help to display your quality work with the use of marketing tools. Perhaps, this will allow the viewers to have a piece of deep knowledge about your firm.

Furthermore, you can display pictures of your work and have an online representative chat room. The more you improve the content of your website, the better it will work to gather customers for you.

3. Create a brand

Branding is about the accumulation of the total customer experiences customers have with your firm, as stated by the U.S. small business association.

Everything you do for your firm automatically becomes a part of building a brand. Whether you make a social presence or a robust website, it contributes to building a brand.

Perhaps, you can take some additional steps to promote your firm. Such as making a logo and showcasing it on all the platforms you use for your business. This will make your audience remember your firm by looking at it.

4. Lead generating services

There is no doubt that the architecture market is still lead-based. Perhaps, this strategy is still considered the fastest way of promoting your services since it’s a direct marketing activity. It is done through various platforms.

One of the most common yet successful campaigns is cold calling.

In this method, an outsider company collects data from random individuals. Using the data along with the information of your firm, helps them to gain interest in purchasing your firm’s services.

It is a traditional method of converting a potential customer to lead. This is a quick method of connecting you to potential clients, yet raising the probability of conversion rate.

5. Publish your firm

It is a great pleasure to publish your work by respected people in your field. This is a simple and quick way to improve your reputation. Fortunately, there are numerous paths to becoming a published architect.

To gain professional acknowledgment, you may, for example, conduct a study or even publish your white papers. The quality of your published work can quickly lead to additional career chances.

As a result, it is certainly beneficial when it comes to marketing for architecture businesses. Perhaps, you must consider where your material will be released. It doesn’t matter how good an article is if the wrong people read it.

Investigate your target audiences and find out where they shop. Then, to increase your chances of being featured in their work, establish links with relevant publications.


To conclude, we are now aware of the fact that marketing plays an important role in promoting your business and making connections.

However, by implementing some easy strategies, you can make a place in the market. It all depends on your choice of implementing different tactics.

From marketing your firm through cold calling, or creating a brand identity by designing architecture firm logos on the website and social pages. You can make new clients thus maintaining a relationship with the existing ones.

Perhaps, it’s completely your choice regarding which strategy, or combination of strategies, best suits your requirements. The ultimate goal remains consistent.

Providing architectural services in today’s world of robust competition is the art of being robust and productive. Therefore, introduce the marketing concepts in your planning goals and objectives.

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