How to Keep Watches Safe

The best way to store a watch collection is a conundrum for any horological enthusiast. There are numerous options available, each suited to a different type of collector. Although the storage component may appear to be the most important, there are many finer details that are essential to a watch’s continued smooth operation. Continue reading to learn how to store watches.

Important Factors to Consider When Storing Watches


Several factors must be considered when deciding where to store a watch. The first factor is the amount of moisture in the area. Moisture should be avoided in watch storage because it can cause the oils in mechanical watches to coagulate. This means they will lose their lubricating properties, causing the watch to malfunction. Moisture can also have a negative impact on quartz-powered watches. Condensation can cause damage to the circuits, preventing them from functioning properly. It is a good idea to invest in some silica gel sachets to combat moisture in watch storage. These sachets will absorb excess moisture in the air, keeping the watches dry and operational.


Although it has no direct impact on the watch, it is typically advised that the original boxes, instruction manuals, and warranty cards be kept in excellent shape. These goods will likewise react negatively to moisture and should be preserved with silica gel. The documentation is useful to have if there are any problems with the watch or if the owner wishes to sell the watch in the future. Many watch buyers desire to see the original documentation before purchasing a used watch to ensure that it is a genuine thing.

Temperature Fluctuations and Magnetic Fields

Some high-end timepieces are resistant to magnetic fields and temperature variations. It is not suggested, however, that any timepieces be subjected to these forces unduly. It is ideal to keep watches in an environment where the temperature can be kept steady. They should also be shielded from any extraneous magnetic forces or fields.

Movements and Batteries

When storing a watch for an extended period of time, the movement must be considered. Quartz watch batteries can deteriorate and leak, rendering them useless. The simplest approach to avoid this is to remove the batteries from a quartz watch before storing it for an extended period of time. Mechanical watches should be worn and wound on a regular basis to keep the oils from drying out and the movements from freezing. Even if these safeguards are performed, it is nevertheless recommended that watches be maintained on a regular basis.

Storage Alternatives

There are numerous products that can be used to store watches, each of which is perfectly suited to a specific type of lifestyle. Each collector should select the option that best fits how they wear and transport their watches.

Cases and Boxes for Watches

Well-designed Watch boxes and cases are popular watch storage solutions since they may also be used as a display case for a collection of timepieces. They frequently include a clear glass top that allows the watches inside to be examined without disturbing them. Cases and boxes are a fantastic way to store watches since they keep dust and moisture out, especially if silica gel is placed within the box. They usually have soft linings to keep the watches from getting scratched and a compartment for each watch to keep them from rubbing against one another. The robust shell will protect the timepieces from any inadvertent bumps or knocks.

Take note of Pouches and Rolls

Watch pouches and rolls are ideal for the watch collector who is constantly on the go. They are compact, soft, and flexible, making them ideal for transporting and storing watches. Many watch pouches have too many sections for a little collection, therefore they are ideal for an enthusiast who is just beginning out. Pouches are easy to keep because they don’t take up much space. Watch rolls are an excellent way to transport several watches since each timepiece may be slipped into its own compartment, preventing it from colliding with the others. It will only take up a modest amount of room in a luggage and will not add much weight.

Inserts for drawers and trays

Watch storage inserts are ideal for the collector with extra space. The inserts can be fitted to existing drawers to create a luxurious storage place for a watch collection. This technique of watch storage is advantageous since it does not necessitate the use of surface space, as a box or case would, and may be stored neatly hidden away in a drawer, ready to be opened and admired. These inserts typically contain additional pockets for spare straps, bracelets, and bands, making them an excellent choice for the collector who enjoys changing the look of their watches on a regular basis.

Winders of the Watch

Watch winders are the ideal storage solution for collectors who love automated clocks. The natural movement of the wrist is used to ‘charge’ automatic watches. Watch winders mimic this movement to keep watches wound and ready to wear. This is a fantastic watch storage option for the enthusiast who does not wear their automatic watches frequently enough to keep them ‘charged,’ as the steady movement will keep the watch from completely stopping.