How to spot fraudulent moving companies

Residential Moving can be stressful enough, but Unfortunately, there are fraudulent and unscrupulous movers who will scam customers.

We find many cases where people have been kidnapped and threatened with their belongings. It is therefore essential to choose the right moving company to transfer all our belongings, as well as all our memories and other personal items. Find out how to spot fraudulent moving companies.

You can fall for this scam by paying an abnormally low amount of money

Standard rates are available for companies to make any discounts they deem appropriate. However, be cautious if the price is unusually low.

No invoice, contract, or payment is required.

After visiting the property, it is necessary to establish a business relationship with the moving company.

Both parties must also sign a contract. The moving company must obtain insurance to cover the items to be moved.

You are at risk of the removal operator not arriving on time or at the agreed place if you have your deposit.

We are not allowed to visit the offices of the moving company.

A frequent request from clients is to find out the facilities of a company, which will be performing the move. They also need to store their furniture and appliances until they are moved to their destination in the new house or office. It is very suspicious to receive excuses for not visiting these facilities.

They may take your belongings with them, store them in a warehouse, or refuse to deliver them to them if you don’t pay more. Google Street View can verify that the address provided by the moving company corresponds with its facilities.

Identification of vehicles, people, and packaging

It is a common practice for any moving company to have properly labeled vehicles, and their employees wear uniforms to protect them from the occupational hazards resulting from such activity. The boxes are usually delivered to clients to help them pack their belongings. If any of these elements is missing, it could be a fraud company.

Website for a moving company

If the company has one visit the website. If it doesn’t include a local address or information about its insurance options and certifications, then be suspicious. You can also search the internet for opinions and reviews about the company.

Fraudulent moving companies can hide the identities of people working in the industry, but they don’t pay their Social Security or Treasury obligations. They also cover for subjects who only want to rob offices and apartments. You must take all necessary precautions before you hire any service. Only hire a professional who can work with you and complies with all tax and labor regulations if you want your move as smooth as possible.