Romance and comfort: how to use candles as interior

We often see candles in the interiors of private or residential real estate, but we do not always think about which ones are better to use not only to look at a live-fire from time to time but also to decorate the space in the best possible way. There are special interior candles that have high decorative qualities that help emphasize the individuality of the room.

A bit of history

The prototype of modern candles was a hole that was hollow-out in stone. It was filled with fat to prolong the burning of the wick. They began to be using about twenty thousand years ago. By the 1st millennium BC. the first mention of this method of lighting a space belongs. A piece of cloth or a sliver then inserting into a vessel with oil or fat. Thus, a wick creates so that it burns for a long time.

Beeswax began to use for making candles in the 15th century. They did not smoke, but they were very expensive, so only very rich people could afford such lighting. Designer candles not use in those days, they were a necessary and force attribute of real estate, allowing you to illuminate rooms in the dark.

In the 18th century, whaling developed. Spermaceti was extracting from the top of the cetacean’s head, which use to make candles. Paraffin was first obtained in the 19th century. He made lighting more accessible and widespread. The invention of electricity led to the fact that the candle now use exclusively for ritual and decorative purposes.

What is a candle?

Today, different candles are used in the interior of an apartment, restaurant, bar, and more. There are such varieties:

every day, the most ordinary and nondescript;

aromatic, spreading a pleasant aroma when burning;

decorative, with graceful shapes, decorated with decor, multi-coloured;

tablets intended for use on water, not sinking;

hemp, in which paraffin accumulates in the hole at the wick and does not drain;

gel, made from a special substance.

Large candles for decoration are used by many designers and simply owners of private or commercial real estate who want to make the interior unique and bring special warmth and soulfulness into it.

Candle in the interior

Candle decor can be used in a wide variety of spaces. They are built-in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. You’ll be able to create a special environment if you can light a fire from time to time. You can look at a live-fire as long as you like. If you light it up in the dark, it will turn out to illuminate the room, give it a certain mystery. Also, many argue that live fire cleans the room.

With the help of candle compositions, it turns out to emphasize the individuality of the space design. For each interior theme, a range of sizes and shapes offers an opportunity to select the right decorative filling.

Living room

In this room, compositions with a candle are installing, as a rule, on a table or in a fireplace area. They can also be used for installation on furniture, on a sideboard, or on a coffee table. Wherever you place the composition, the candle will decorate the space.


In the bedroom, the candle should be used carefully. Since the bed is flammable, it is best to place it away from the bed. This could be a dressing table or other furniture. In any bedroom for such a decoration, there is a place.


In the kitchen, the candle can place on the dining table. Its presence will help make any feast more solemn and memorable. You can light it up for the new year or to create a romantic atmosphere for a date.

Types of candlesticks

A candlestick for decoration is no less important than a candle. It must be consistent in style with the room and also prevent wax from entering the surface. They can be in the form of a glass or traditional on semi-antique legs. There are candlesticks made of bronze, crystal, stone, and other materials that combine aesthetic appeal and fire resistance. There is a small desktop, design for wall mounting, and in the form of a chandelier. With a variety of sizes and designs, it’s easy to find the right equipment for every space.


The candle can use in different styles of interior. One or more can be put on a plate, and stones, flowers, or other decorative objects can place nearby. Alternatively, they take a jar or glass with interesting shapes and paste over it with lace or other decorative elements. They can be hung on a chain to create the effect of a street lamp.

The candle is one of the important attributes of the new year. Live fire for almost everyone becomes one of the main decorations of the festive table, it creates a special holiday atmosphere, cheers up not only children and adults.

A candle is a versatile decorative element that can be used anytime, anywhere. Its flickering flame invariably attracts attention and is simply mesmerizing. Even after a busy day, you can come and light a living flame to relax and unwind, get rid of the consequences of stressful situations. Click here

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