Delta 8 Flower

How To Use Delta-8 Flowers: The Beginner Guide

Delta-8 flower has a cannabinoid profile that’s similar to CBD; it can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and help boost the immune system. Delta-8 comes from the resinous trichomes on the cannabis flower and is mixed with hemp seed oil for a mild CBD experience. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your morning ritual.

Are Delta-8 Flowers Safe? 

Cannabinoid Delta-8 is a natural, non-THC cannabinoid that has been isolated from the cannabis plant. It produces a range of therapeutic effects including pain reduction, without the psychotropic effects that some people experience from THC or another cannabinoid. Scientists have recently discovered a way to isolate and concentrate this natural compound into a safe and legal skincare product.

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive ingredient that is not regulated or approved by the FDA. It is especially important that you take the time to do your research and if you choose to use Delta-8 products to make sure they are processed safely and don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals.

How Are Delta-8 THC Flowers Made? 

Delta-8 flowers are removed from the main flowering growths of the cannabis plants. Most people are not aware but hemp plants, when allowed to grow to their full potential, are some of the best sources on the planet of medicinal cannabis.

We are proud to bring you Delta-8, extracted from hemp plants for our clients to enjoy. This innovative product has a very high CBD content and a small amount of THC content. High in medicinal properties, it can be used for a variety of ailments and permitted in states with legalized medicinal marijuana.

Will Delta-8 Flowers Show Up On A Drug Test? 

When you’re ready to smoke or vape Delta-8 cannabis flowers, consider how they will affect you. Delta-8 cannabis is non-intoxicating and may not give the same effect as other cannabis products. It could produce mild anxiety or paranoia, or cause short-term memory loss. You should also consider the risk of failing a drug test for this content in your system when you use it.

Delta-8 products are not recommended for use by individuals taking a drug test. While the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has stated that there is no legal definition of what constitutes “hemp”, their website clearly states that “The Farm Bill says that industrial hemp can only be grown as part of a research study or industrial hemp pilot program granted by the state department of agriculture. 

Many people choose ATLRx because we offer a broad-spectrum CBD product and a full-spectrum CBD option. Products that contain only CBD (broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate) will not trigger a positive drug test result, but products that contain full-spectrum CBD might because they can legally contain up to 0.3% THC.

Is it legal to buy Delta-8 flowers online?

Completely legal and safe to purchase, Delta-8 is a popular extract of hemp that offers a more mellow, relaxed high, without the “high” feeling of marijuana. You can buy Delta 8 THC Flower from the most reputed brand ATLRx.

What’s the difference between Delta-8 flower vs. Delta-9 flower?

Delta-8 is a non-intoxicating form of THC—in other words, a derivative. It’s created by the process of hydrogenation, wherein double bonds are added to carbon molecules until they take on THC’s psychoactive traits. But each addition creates an increasing number of side chains. These side chains begin to crowd out the main chain, weakening its effects; they ultimately make Delta-8 useless for recreational use (although it can still be used therapeutically).

Does Delta-8 THC get you high?

Yes. Delta-8 THC is a fascinating compound that has been known to scientists for over 30 years.  It has a very similar chemical makeup to delta 9 THC, so it does get you high, however not to the same degree. Side effects are similar as well but maybe less potent.