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How Video Marketing Play a Vital Role in the Business Development

Nowadays, video content is increasingly being used by marketers to promote services and products. Videos on Youtube, webinars, emails, landing pages and more all function well as promotional sources. Videos help in introducing brands to potential consumers and build lasting bonds with current customers.

According to experts, successful businesses usually publish eighteen videos per month. This fact signifies the increasing demand and growing value of videos in developing a business. The time has come upon all businesses to integrate video content in their digital marketing plans. Or else, there is a very real risk of getting left behind in the market. So how do videos contribute to the boost and development of a business? Read ahead to find out!

Videos Improve SEO

When polled, 65% business executives said that they go on to a marketer’s website after viewing their video. This proves that high standard videos improve engagement of viewers. It piques the interest of consumers to the point of generating traffic on your website. This extremely important as traffic and CTR are major factors when it comes to Google ranking. The more clicks and traffic your video generates, the higher your website will climb on search engine results.

Videos Engage Users For Longer

An average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video content, according to research. Therefore, by adding a video to your website, you are increasing the amount of time a visitor spends on it. The major factor working behind it is that people like watching videos rather than reading. They also retain information better when it is in the form of a video. Creating demos and how-tos will increase chances to reach out to potential consumers.

Videos are Captivating

Video content is a combination of visual and auditory senses. This means that videos bring to us the two most important things that grab our attention: movement and sound. The human race is a highly visual species. As a fact, visuals are processed by people sixty thousand times faster than text. In addition, most of the data we are receiving from our brain is in the form of images. Therefore, 95% of users will be interested in videos while only 10% would be attracted to textual content.

Videos Allow More Conversions

Adding videos to your landing page is able to drastically increase conversions. Replacing images with a video on your website lead to a greater number of conversions. The reason? Videos give a more detailed information of your services or products. And they are entertaining to watch, if created the right way.

When you are aiming to integrate videos into your marketing strategies, sit with your team to create a plan. It is important to discuss each and every aspect, so you end up with a well-rounded and quality video. It will allow you to maximize the potential of your brand upon social media platforms. For more content on digital marketing and other topics reach out to cheap assignment writing services.