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Important Things You Should Know About Cigar Packaging Boxes?

Many times, you might have thought that a Cuban Cigars box is just a box. Present cigars in these boxes as storage is not only for showing the valuable content is inside the box. You should guess it again. The story behind the cigar boxes is not as superficial as many smokers believe. From creating the first cigar box to the codes, digits, and numbers that each box carries, there is more to cigar boxes than meets the eye. Often underappreciated, today, we discuss the history behind cigar boxes here. In this way, observing and examining all the interesting cigar box facades will be the concerning point.

Who Did Present Cigars in a Box?

It was Upmann who introduced cigar packaging boxes in the market to sell its cigars. It does not mean that custom cigar boxes were the first thing in which cigars were presented. Before these boxes, cigars, especially Havana cigars, were originally sold in packets covered in pork bladders with a vanilla bean to enhance the overall smell. After that, there were chests capable of holding up to 10,000 sticks. Although these forms of packaging were efficient in their day, they seemed to lack finesse, sophistication, and practicality. However, sometime around the 1840s, shortly before the rise of H. Upmann Cigars packaging was reinvented.

The History Behind Cigar Packaging Boxes

Herman Upmann, the founding father of H. Upmann, was the one who revolutionized cigar packaging forever. However, the first cigar box did not have Upmann cigars inside. Coming from a family of German bankers, Herman and August Upmann convinced their father that opening a bank branch in Cuba would be very beneficial for the future of their business.

Shortly after his father’s approval, Herman, also a cigar enthusiast, moved to Cuba and began sending cigars from several different factories as gifts to his most influential customers in Europe. All of Herman’s cigar gifts were placed inside cedar boxes stamped with the bank’s emblem. By the time Upmann decided to further expand his cigar business and began making his cigars, the cedar box had already become the most popular form of packaging among leading Cuban Cigars online brands.

Proving to be one of the most influential cigar brands to this day, H. Upmann never disappoints when it comes to great smokes. Since its first appearance at the 2008 Habana Festival, the H. Upmann Magnum 50 Cigar has become a favorite among cigar aficionados. Crafted from selected tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo premium region, Magnum 50 produces a light to the medium flavor profile, typical of Upmann’s DNA. Shorter in length but just as nice, the H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1 Cigar is as good as any other smoke from the brand. 

Instructions Help Recognize Age and Collectibles

The manufacturers of cigars want to use packaging boxes as an instrument. Of course, cigar boxes were, and still are, almost as necessary as the sticks themselves. However, shortly after their creation, an interesting question arose about their usefulness once they were all empty. However, hard-working American ancestors came up with the solution to this problem.

During the American Civil War, soldiers began making violins out of cigar boxes to pass the time between battles and marches. But that is not all. While the catastrophic results of the Great Depression devastated the American South, many artists had the talent but not the funds to buy real instruments. In response to that, various improvised musical instruments, widely known as “primitive” instruments, were made from cigar boxes that eventually became necessary for the progression of the blues movement.

Each Cigar Box with Codes Has Something Special to Tell

Yes, it is true. And thankfully, the stamps and marks are there to help them tell their story. When it comes to Cuban cigars for sale online, the numbers, digits, and certain codes, both inside and on the box, help determine the manufacturing date or age of a box. In 1985, Francisco Padrón, president of Habanos SA, at the time, introduced a unique encryption system that informed factories, distributors, and retailers about the month and year the cigars were made. With the Nov 08 digits stamped on its case, the Vintage Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar is aged for an additional 12 years. Coming in the exclusive Genios 5 vitola measuring 140mm in length by a ring gauge of 52, these Vintage Cigars are part of the world’s most sought-after line of cigars.

Like everything to do with the world of cigars, the CBD boxes have their fascinating history, dating back to the early 1840s. From Limited Edition boxes to Vintage, shop your favorite smoke from our wide selection of Cuban Cigar Stores now. So, it looks interesting to learn about cigar packaging boxes as well as cigars. It was a small effort in this regard, and we are hopeful that you have enjoyed it.