Incredible Factors that attract the customers toward Online shopping

Innovation of online shopping:

Every type of business offers different products. They have different rules and regulations. There is a long list of differences among them. But all of them have the same motive which is profit earning. For this, they use various techniques to attract customers because customers are the asset of the business. With the increase in customers, sales and income directly increase. In the past decades, it has been noticing that there is no hustle and bustle in the commercial markets like before. People do not visit the outlets and restaurants due to their busy routines. In this situation, brands and companies start facing losses in their financial statement. It means their expenses become high than income. 

     To cope with this situation, the concept of Shopping Websites Pakistan has been introduced. This technique facilitates the people in their shopping. They can get their favorite product without physical appearance. Brands provide their customers with a particular website that contain all the products with their description. 

Online ordering and Covid-19:

According to a survey in 2016, Pakistan is not agreeing with online shopping. People do not want to involve themselves in online ordering. But after some economy and Covid-19 issues, this trend of Online shopping in Pakistan become so much popular. They have realized that this technique may save them from long lines behind the shops. It may help them in saving their time and sometimes money also. Moreover, when the whole country is under lockdown, there is no other option for both the buyer and seller. Because seller cannot sell their products and buyer do not buy the products. Covid-19 force Pakistan to boost up their interest in online shopping in the worldwide chart. It helps the people to keep their lifestyle as good as they were.

COD a great revolution:

Online shopping proves as a blessing for many peoples. On the other hand, many scams that occur while online ordering urges them to become hesitant. Scammers make people fool by pretending themselves as an authentic and legitimate sellers. They impress the customers with good and luxury products and ask them to pay first. After receiving the money, they sent them a fake and bad quality product that is opposite to the shown image. With the increase in complaints of scammers, the government restricts the outlets to adopt the cash on delivery (COD) method. In this method, people do not have to pay for the products in advance. They are allowing to pay after their satisfaction with the product. It is proved as a beneficial innovation for both the parties i.e. seller and buyer. 

Impact of COD on Pakistani Public:

   According to an analysis, people in Pakistan are also comfortable with the method because sometimes it becomes difficult for many people to understand the transaction process via debit or credit cards. With the introduction of Online shopping in Pakistan, people become well aware of scammers and authentic dealers. COD brings good changes in the commercial market: Some of them are as follow:

  • It reduces the level of scams in online shopping.
  • It urges the brands and companies to improve their product material because. They are only paid if the quality of the item is approved by the customers.
  • It helps in making the people of Pakistan more advance.
  • Makes the commercial market responsible for legitimate dealing.

Pros of Online shopping:

Online shopping trends change the overall landscape of the Pakistan e-commerce industry. There are some reasons for its increase in popularity. Here we are going to discuss some of them:

  1. Easiness
  2. Cost-Efficient
  3. Tracking facility
  4. Complete information
  5. No hurries


Providing convenience is the first and foremost advantage of Online shopping in Pakistan. Customers do not have to worry to physically visit the stores for their purchases. They can order their product whenever they want because this facility is available throughout the week. It means 24/7. Sometimes customers feel hesitant to return the product due to some issues but this system allows them to cancel their order at any time. They can make their valuable decision without any pressure. They do not have to wait for the weekend to go out shopping.


Brands and retailers offer special sales and offer continue to attract more customers. In this way, people can buy their favorite items at less price as compared to market price. They also offer a special type of packaging which can be used for many other purposes like gift-giving. 

Tracking Facility:

There is a question that rise in the mind of every new customer that how do they get to know that their order is placed or not and when they are going to get it. So, companies also make them tension-free in this matter. Shopping Websites Pakistan provide people with special kinds of tracking codes. So they can make their plans according to the arrival date of parcels. It helps them to know about the delivery date of their parcel. 

Complete Information:

It has been observed that people do not get a chance to get know-how about the products that are purchasing while physical shopping. They just choose them by reviewing their outer packaging and name which will become a source of irritation for both the buyer and supplier. Because some brands do not offer exchange or refund policies. In this way, online shopping is far better. On the website of every brand, the product is completely describing with its description. People can easily choose it according to their choice.

No hurries:

Business is all about tricking with the customers. Sometimes, shopkeeper tries to play with the mind of people. They force them to buy the product by pressurizing them. In this situation, customers become easy prey for him and they buy that product that they do not want to consider. They waste their money on a useless products. But in online shopping, people can view and think about the product as many times as they want. There is no hurry to buy the product because no shopkeepers stand behind them. 

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