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Incredibly Set up the connection with Nextbox WiFi Range Extender

The Nextbox WiFi Range Extender uses both networking bands to boost the speed of the network connection. It seamlessly covers long-range distances with its expeditious speed. However, the range extender works with the best wifi routers that are perfect for streaming videos in HD and gaming. Overall, the Nextbox range extender is the best solution to extend the connection with Alexa or Echo devices. Moreover, it connects to many smart wireless devices and covers seamless connections throughout the house. You can say no to dead zones without any trouble when you establish the device in your house. 

The Nextbox wifi extender supports advanced wireless security encryption and voids all unauthorized access to keep the hackers and strangers away from the range of the wifi extender. After the Nextbox wifi extender setup, it enhances the coverage of the device. You can place the range extender in the midway of the wireless router and the dead zone area. Also, you get an internet port on the button of the wifi range extender that allows the computer to get an internet connection without any wifi module.

Quick Setup of the internet connection with Nextbox WiFi Range Extender

The quick setup of the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender includes many steps and methods that help to configure the steps of the device. First of all, power on the Nextbox wifi extender by plugging it into the power outlet and near to the wireless router and wait until the power LED of the router turns to solid ON. Afterward, connect the network connection to the router device.

Simply there are two ways that help you to configure the settings of the router with the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender. If your router device supports the WPS button then we recommend using the setup with the WPS button. If not, then you can go with the web management interface of the Nextbos wifi range extender.

Setup of the Nextbox wifi extender via WPS Button

In the WPS Button method of the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender, push the WPS button or the range extender for two minutes. Also, press the WPS button of the host router as well. Afterward, you need to wait until the LED indicator changes to solid blue; it indicates the successful connection between the host router and the range extender. In case, the LED does not flash blue light then you can adopt the second method.

In case, you are connecting the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender to the dual-band wifi router then repeat the steps for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands as well. Now, enjoy the connection of the extended network. Make sure both the wireless device should share the same SSID name and the security key.

 Setup of the Nextbox wifi extender via a Web browser

The second method of the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender carries different steps for windows or MAC users. If you are a windows user then firstly, unplug the ethernet cable from the computer or laptop and then tap on the wifi icon to connect or to extend the wireless network connection. You can either connect with 2.4 GHz of the network band or 5 GHz of the networking band.

If you are a MAC user then simply unplug the ethernet cable from the computer and then tap on the wifi icon and connect to the extended wifi network connection.

Afterward, follow the on-screen prompts for the quick setup wizard of the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender to the host router. Open the web browser and enter the Nextbox web address or the IP address http// into the location bar. Use admin for the username and the password when you redirect to the login page. You can also create a new username and password for secured management and then confirm the action. Hence, select the router’s SSID name and enter the password. After that, customize the SSID name if you want to, and then enjoy the extended network connection between both devices.

Where to place the Nextbox wifi extender?

To place the range extender, firstly, plug the Nextbox WiFi Range Extender into the wall outlet. Then place it where it can kill the dead zones seamlessly between the midway of the wifi extender and the host router. After that, wait until the signal LED of the device fixes into solid blue. This is how you will find a better position to get a smooth wifi network.


The Nextbox range extender has a built-in chip that delivers high speed to all the connected devices. It makes the setup process easier and simpler with its two methods. One is the WPS button and another one is the WEB browser method. Its external antennas that help to enable a fast and stable internet connection for smooth streaming and gaming with your loved ones. You can also enable security encryption to secure your network connection from outside threats.

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