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Do you want to have a bright and confident smile?! Teeth misalignment not only affects your smile but your brushing habits as well. There was a time when traditional old brackets and wires were used to straighten teeth. However, modern-day dentistry has improved and brought impressive treatment techniques. Invisalign is an effective solution for straightening your teeth without the use of any metal or wires.

What is Invisalign

A set of clear aligners that offer quick results in less time. These aligners are ideal for individuals who do not want to use metal brackets. The treatment is seamless and offers a few visits to the medical facility. Moreover, you can also remove the Invisalign tray while having meals and brushing. The expert dentists of Daher clinic indicate the use of aligner trays produces quick results without causing any pain. While using brackets you have to ensure no food particle is stuck in the wires. It can harm your gum or teeth; you cannot remove brackets while brushing as well.

Below are some advantages of Invisalign you should know


Clear aligners are manufactured using plastic and offer absolute comfort. However, the metal brackets contain sharp edges that might cut your lips or gum. However, you can use wax on the brackets to reduce the impact but wax fails occasionally. Invisalign costs are custom-made and you can remove them while having meals or going to brush your teeth. The edges of the aligner’s tray are smooth to offer you a seamless wearing experience. The custom design helps you to stay relaxed while wearing them and adjusts your teeth slowly. Aligner treatment requires some visits. Your dentists call you after a specific time and you need to go and receive your next set of aligners.

Better Dental Hygiene

The promising benefit of aligners allows you to take better care of your teeth. As aligners are removable, they allow you to brush and floss normally. That is not possible in the case of brackets only your dentists can remove them when required. Aligners can be brushed inside to ensure no food particle remains. Moreover, expert dentists recommend cleaning aligners inside to minimize the chances of bacteria build-up.

Fix Oral Problems

Crooked teeth create problems and affect your smile. In addition to that, crooked teeth can lead to severe gum problems. Alignment of your teeth with plastic aligners helps to reduce the chances of gum inflammation and other diseases. These aligners are comfortable and you would not feel any discomfort in your teeth. Invisalign is an effective treatment that prevents you from several dental problems. When crooked teeth are left untreated, can cause tooth decay and loss as well. Using clear aligners to straighten the teeth ensures you would not have oral issues like crowded teeth and gum problems.

Quick results

Although you have to visit multiple times to your dentists while having aligners but the treatment is quick. The expert dentist claim using metal and wire brackets straightens teeth but takes 1-3 years. However, clear aligners take half of the time and offer long-lasting results. You might feel some irritation in your teeth when you wear the aligners the first time. It happens when aligners start moving teeth and roots simultaneously. When you visit to receive another set of aligners, you will not feel the irritation again. In case, your aligners are loose and do not fit properly, call for an immediate appointment.

Invisalign cost

Invisalign costs a bit more than metal brackets and wires but offers long-term results. Moreover, it depends on your insurance policy and the state in which you are having treatments. Oftentimes, companies offer 80% insurance cover on medical expenses. Therefore, your cost will be cut down accordingly. A general estimation of clear aligners cost is around $3000-$7000 you can also opt for a loan and cover the amount in installments. The dentist suggests using clear aligners instead of brackets to have straighter teeth and a bright smile.