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iPhone WhatsApp Screen Recorder: Your Secret Parenting Card

Pew international research shows that on average a teenager sends 60 text messages every day. Interestingly older girls are leading the race with approximately 100 messages a day as compared to young boys who are halfway there with 50 messages. But one thing is sure as a parent you can’t resist thinking about the content of those 60 messages sent by your teen. Are they good guys, are they bad, are they in an argument with anyone, anyone is sending them spam messages so on and so forth. It is like the parents to worry about the safety of the minor. Thanks to smart gadgets and obsession with social media and instant messenger chat apps they are justified to think like that. A simple text message would have maybe been an easy ride but with the free wifi facility and tons of instant messenger chat apps, it is now difficult to keep a check record for each one of them.

It is difficult for parents to keep a check on the kid’s online activities and to track any sign of prohibited activities or abuse issues. Gone are the days when the only way to know about the text message chat content of the teen was to check the phone personally while praying that they have not deleted the record. If in any case, the teen has to get rid of the content then there was no way to find out what happened there. But things are different now. You can not only know about the kid’s text messages but can also find out about the chatting buddies as well.


Everyone knows about Whatsapp. It is one of the most famous instant messenger chat app all around the globe. Everyone loves an authentic and trustworthy chat app that offers end-to-end encryption with lots of other interesting features. Whatsapp is the one that offers all of the above-mentioned features with much more. Lately, some newly introduced features have been making noise in the instant messenger chat app user community. Of course, every feature has it is own pros and cons but overall the app is hit for all age groups.

OgyMogyWhatsApp Screen Recorder:

OgyMogy is an excellent spy app that covers most of the social media and instant messenger chat apps. Name the app you will find on the spying feature list of the OgyMogy.Whatsapp screen recorder is one of the features offered by the app. So if your kid is an iPhone user and you are nowhere near finding out about their digital life then maybe it’s time to try the OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder.

  1. Whatsapp is a global app. The basic purpose of such apps is to connect with friends and family without any problem.
  2. Besides connecting with family and friends, it is easy to chat with strangers and make new friends through instant messenger chat apps. Here comes the importance of the usage of the WhatsApp screen recorder for parents. By using it, you can know about all the new online friends of your teen. You need to know if your kid is in good company or not.
  3. Whatsapp offers quality call service options as well to its users. That means you can make audio as well as video call through the chat any time you want. Whatsapp screenrecorder gives parents remote access to the call logbook of the target teen. You can know who they are calling, and how much time they are usually spending on any particular call. This and much more information is recorded and saved by the OgyMogy spy app for the users. You can know if the new friend lives in another time zone and your teen is wasting sleep hours just to chat or talk.
  4. Whatsapp is a media-sharing medium that allows versatile file-sharing ability in the form of audio, video, document, gif, or image. Monitoring the sent and received content is necessary as you can underestimate today’s teenagers. They know more things thanks to the internet and thus use of Whatsapp screen recorder is necessary to keep them sane.

The best part about this app is that it is not just a simple android spy app. The different versions offered for different kind of uses in the form of iPhone, Mac, and even Windows version allows the user to choose whatever they need